Report: Studio Claims Respawn Stole Apex Legends Fuse Character Design

Indie studio NOWWA claims the Apex Legends Fuse character has been lifted from the studio's BulletVille character, & says their game was playtested at EA late last year.

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CrimsonWing6942d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Is this enough to build a case on? A lot of artistic designs take inspiration from other resources. On the other hand, it does kinda have elements from the other that are just rearranged.

RememberThe35742d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Yeah there's a bit too much in common here, someone should have been on top of this. The belt, the necklace, the robotic arm, the explosives belt. It's begging for a lawsuit. But at the same time this kind of character is gonna have this sort of look so, maybe next time don't play test with your competitors? Fuse just looks like a more developed version of this bulletville character. Can't wait to play him though, and the new repeater rifle looks sick!

CrimsonWing6942d ago

Yea I guess really they’ll have to prove if it was intentional or not. But it does look like a character that fits in that world for sure.

Kabaneri42d ago

You can't copyright a dude with a mustache and eyepatch.

Storm2342d ago

Apex works on seasons that are like 5 seasons away from where they are now and work on many future characters at the same time. I think they will be fine

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