Mega Man Goes Hip Hop

Instead of a Cease and Desist order, Capcom is giving its support to a hip hop album that uses the sounds of Mega Man as samples.

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italianbreadman3698d ago

Capcom is so awesome...always has been.

ThePimpOfSound3698d ago

Hip Hop and Mega Man. They go together like Hi-C and Turkey.

cain1413698d ago

Does Hi-C go with Turkey?

ahnonamis3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Don't tell me you're one of those gravy people...

Foxgod3698d ago

i dislike everything hip hop related, so i see this as blasemphy.


barakiu3698d ago

what greater blasphemy is there than calling yourself God?

Foxgod3698d ago

a foxgod thank you very much.
not a "god"

40cal3698d ago

The free Street Fighter tracks that hit PSN last week where good.

pain777pas3697d ago

I forgot about those.(moves to download them right now)

moja3698d ago

Oh snap, I hope this gets a shout-out in the next HHG show.

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