Hooked Gamers: Resident Evil 5 Preview

When Shinji Mikami's Clover Studios unveiled their new take on the Resident Evil series in Resident Evil 4, many fans were worried. The old Resi had been all about fear: do you have enough ammo? Is that zombie actually dead? Are any dogs about to jump through these windows…? That was all well and good, but for Mikami it wasn't good enough. He changed the focus from fleeing to fighting, and it paid off. One of, if not the, greatest survival horrors of all time was born. Resident Evil 4 was a critical and commercial success, spawning a PS2 and PC port and gaining the series new legions of fans. Capcom realised that they had a winning formula on their hands, and decided to use it again. But has Resident Evil 4 been resurrected, or is it just plain dead?

First impressions would point to… a little bit of both.

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Serjikal_Strike3702d ago

Said that RE5 can stand up to the graphics of Killzone2 and possibly surpass the poly count?


He obviously didnt get in the Beta!