Why is Hideo Kojima so important?

Hideo Kojima is a designer that has pushed boundaries, provided us with new genres and creates games under the mantra that it is possible to bring the impossible to players.

In this episode of Gaming: The Podcast Indie By Design talk about his impact on the video game medium, the importance of strong themes in his writing and direction and how it is that he has come to be such an important and unique voice.

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Sonic-and-Crash486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

the last of the old gen developers ...and one of the true educated and intelligent men in gaming industry .... few can compare with him ..

XbladeTeddy486d ago

Not the last at all. Insomniac, Rockstar, Naughty Dog and iD Software to name a few are still around and developing.

iamironman486d ago

i don't think they compare in the same way. they are companies and no individuals and their games are not as original as Kojima - apart from early Rockstart and iD.

XabiDaChosenOne486d ago

Rockstar and Naughty Dog have little to none of the primary minds that made those companies what they are today. I dont believe you understood the original comment.

Sonic-and-Crash486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

@Xblade these are companies not indviduals creators there is a difference...Shinji Mikami (Resident) Miyamoto (Mario), Miyazaki (Soulsborne Sekiro) Andy Gavin (Crash bandicoot) these are people who can be named creators (and stand beside Kojima )

RgR486d ago

Well hes speaking of individuals....

but even as a company ID Software has done great recently but others can easily match them.
ND's last 2 full games have disappointed many. Top notch though....just dont think theyll last much longer. The greatest minds arent in charge anymore.
Rockstar is pure open world and its true that rdr2 was spectacular but others can follow suit.

Insomniac however are particularly unique

XbladeTeddy486d ago

I stand by my statement, I did understand the original comment. Those developers have people with creative minds just like Hideo or else how would they make such incredible games? Difference is Hideo owns his own company these other creative people are just working for someone so you don't hear about them as individuals.

eddieistheillest485d ago

@xblade .... you still don’t get it.

Kilua485d ago (Edited 485d ago )

"ND's last 2 full games have disappointed many. Top notch though....just dont think theyll last much longer. The greatest minds arent in charge anymore."

ooooooo boy dropping some truth bombs on us here! Yea yea, we get it, Naughty Dog and Sony are doomed, DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED i tElLs yA. And just like that, they wont last much longer because you said so. You know how things work, clearly. You have the scoop. Dat detailed knowledge.

Rocketisleague485d ago (Edited 485d ago )

Kilua, just be sure ND are starting to miss the mark doesn't mean Sony are going downwards, they're just 1 dev. The lost their best creative minds. So what, There's plenty talent on the Sony camp. So long as MS don't keep buying up publishers Sony will be fine.

One negative comments about your soul company gets you this defensive? Jesus what are you American?

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RememberThe357486d ago

This industry is full of incredibly capable creative minds. Don't blame developers for what the money men do. I swear every time I read one of your comments your on some dumb sht.

iamironman486d ago

invents new kinds of games and only releases top quality games. incredible designer.

RememberThe357486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

Truth. And the risk he took with Death Stranding was extraordinary. I was a little sad to see he caught some blow back from Sony, I hope that story was over blown.

neutralgamer1992486d ago

Sony took all the risk no other publisher was willing to give him a clean slate

calderra485d ago

Death Stranding was not even the first Strand type game. See matthewmatosis' review for a breakdown.

TLDR lots of other games did similar concepts before. One example of doing exploration for social/community goals was Noby Noby Boy from 2009.

Kabaneri486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

Most overrated guy in the games industry. Nonsense pretentious storylines that are weird for the sake of being weird. A narcissist who plasters his name all over the credits in every game.

VerminSC486d ago

MGS V was my first Kojima game and I agree the story was an absolute mess.
Then I played death stranding, and at first it seemed like it was going to a fantastic story but it ended up being a convoluted mess with terrible dialog as well.

I won’t comment on gameplay, but as far as stories go, I’m not at all impressed.

Sephiroushin486d ago

MGS V was my first Kojima game and I agree the story was an absolute mess.

Ah you started with the game were he was not telling much of a story and making gameplay longer so people would stop bitching and with the game at the time Konami was an asshole...make sense ... Also the story is not a mess people who cant understand it are newcomers that dont read and people that like to have an answer for everything with 0 interpretation...

ANIALATOR136486d ago

MGSV was awful and Death Stranding wasn't much better. MGS1-3 is where his best work is in my opinion

JEECE486d ago

"MGS V was my first Kojima game" is one of the best self-owns I've seen on this site.

VerminSC486d ago


“People who can’t understand it are newcomers who can’t read”

That’s some major assumptions there. I actually use to be a literary major and I typically read over a dozen books a year. I’m perfectly comfortable with interpretation and how a story should be told.

Also don’t you think just because you are new to a franchise you should have some understanding of the story. Take god of war for example, I didn’t play the games on ps3 yet had a firm grasp of the narrative.

VerminSC486d ago


Have you considered that someone new to the series doesn’t have rose tinted glasses on like you might?

You’ve grown up with kojima games so you’ll tend to be a bit biased. I went in with an open mind and no pre conceived notions and still thought it was terrible.

JEECE486d ago


You are missing the point. This is a thread about why Kojima is important, and you explicitly declared that you aren't impressed with him only after playing what are probably his least-beloved games. It's well understood particularly with MGSV that the circumstances of his relationship with Konami negatively impacted that game.

Put differently, when someone asks "Why is Paul Mccartney so important?", you wouldn't go listen to something he wrote in the last 20 years and say "I'm not impressed," at least not if you wanted to your opinion to be taken seriously. You'd go listen to Rubber Soul.

Or if someone asked why Michael Jordan is so revered in basketball, you wouldn't look at his late career stint with the Warriors and say "he wasn't that great really." You'd look at what he accomplished with the Bulls. (Again, assuming you didn't want to come off as super uninformed).

The same applies here. Kojima's name isn't prominent because of MGSV, it's prominent because of 1-3.

RememberThe357486d ago

This thread is on some ignorant sht. Next we're gonna hear Tolstoy couldn't write and Walter Payton was bad at football. GTFO.

MGS4 is a God damn masterpiece. Fight me.

TheRealTedCruz486d ago


I'll never take away the man's success. Obviously people enjoyed his work; especially the MGS series.
But he's highly pretentious.
His stories are pulled out of his ass. Half of MGS 4 was cutscene. Sometimes not even driving the story forward in any meaningful way.
And I don't care who ended up enjoying Death Stranding. I found both the gameplay, and the writing, to be straight up idiotic. People praised it and then basically forgot about it not long after.

JEECE486d ago


Saying that Michael Jordan played for the Warriors is also one of the best self-owns I've seen on this site, especially in a comment criticizing other people for being uninformed.

(obviously I meant the Wizards, I just had the Warriors on the mind from an article I was reading earlier and so that's what I typed)

Junkstein485d ago

all the MGS games are connected on a micro level, it's not fair shitting on the designer because the fifth installment of his franchise was your FIRST GAME.

eddieistheillest485d ago

Stfu and play MGS1-4. 5 wasn’t even finished and we all know that.

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Agent75486d ago

Totally agree. His last game was tosh and apparently was a sales flop.

JEECE486d ago

Imagine thinking that Kojima is a prominent Industry name because of Death Stranding and not because of Metal Gear Solid. Why is everyone ten years old?

RememberThe357486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

Jeece, I went away for like 3 weeks only to return to a God damn preschool. WTF is going on around here? I'm hot

Sephiroushin486d ago

tbh i didnt liked DS and MGSV as much as i liked his other MGS (specially mgs3) but the guy try to do different stuff and keep the games fresh plus his games run so damn good and smooth even on PC theyre optimized, they arent a bug fest like so many "awesome" games lately...

To the guy up yea every mgs has lot cutscenes and lmao the cutscenes always drived the story forward maybe you was asleep or something, like even the "joke" cutscenes drived the story on ...

@Jeece well we are reaching a point where many of todays "gamers" on forum etc started with cod and still on cod so yea...

Junkstein485d ago

wasn't a flop it covered the development costs, stop spreading misinformation

calderra485d ago

MGS's story is awful and a lot of people have heavy nostalgia because it was one of the first games they ever played that tried to be cinematic. Kojima's dialog is like 99% recycled Hollywood action movie cliches.

Luckily, teenagers exist.
Yes, people between the ages of thirteen and seventeen.
Seventeen, huh? That's less than 18.
That's right. In Viet Nam teenagers went to war, but now they're playing videogames...
(Literally anyone can write a Kojima scene if they've watched any war movies.)

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goldwyncq486d ago

MGS3 was his last truly great game. Everything after that, while not bad, just don't measure up to his earlier works.

DuckOnQuack35485d ago

This right here. I can't believe people think mgs4 was this huge master piece. It was the first game in the series that I hated playing, I couldn't wait for it to end

Kilua485d ago

Metal gear solid 4 was brilliant as well.... so there's that

masterfox486d ago

Because his games are awesome, stunning looking, and is not afraid of thinking outside the box, always keep moving forward in creating original experiences, and evolving current stablished game genre.

ManMarmalade486d ago

Basically this. Kojima is great at keeping games freah and interesting, even if Death Stranding was a bit polarized for reviews. He's good at what he does and keeps delivering his visions.

TheProfessional486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

You mean self-important. Even by metal gear 4 the story was starting to get shakey and 5 was garbage except for the gameplay. Stranding had many, many gameplay flaws and the story was absolute nonsense. I do love Metal gear 1 and 3 though, those truly are fantastic. But he hasn't been able to match or exceed either of those games ever since.

Shane Kim486d ago

4 was really good imo. But yeah, 1-3 are the best.

Sephiroushin486d ago

Thats kind off like captain obvious, because on MGSV focus was gameplay not story, he mentioned it on interviews a bazillion times, so people would stop bitching mgs was all cutscene then mgsv released and everybody and their mother bitched that it didn't had cutscenes and story was lacking, that there were too many tapes to listen to etc...