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Mick Fraser: "It's difficult not to recommend Warframe on PS5 to anyone who likes sci-fi settings, frenetic action, and deep, engrossing RPG mechanics."

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37d ago
Duke1937d ago

I really wanted to like this game on PS4, but just really didn’t like the way it plays. Gameplay (at least around launch) just felt... clunky to me

Darkborn37d ago

It did and I quit after it launched back in 2013-2014 too, but it did get better a few years later and now it's just not as good anymore. the golden years were like 2017ish.

Elwenil37d ago

It's been going downhill since they sold out to the chinese.

NEVER trust the chinese.

LordoftheCritics37d ago

The game hit a ceiling a while back. New content is still within that ceiling.

Warframe 2 or a new project should break that ceiling.

ProLogY37d ago

I am with you. I understand that people who love this game rave about how amazing it is, and I've tried playing a few times over the years but it just plays and feels so loose a sloppy to me. I don't see the game everyone seems to talk about, but maybe it's worth another try on PS5

staticall37d ago

To be fair, you get that sci-fi lore in very small doses (mostly text/dialog with very few cutscenes), especially after you completed the main story arc. Open world location are meh (didn't try Cambion Drift though), require a lot (and i do mean A LOT) of grinding to access new content. Void Relic system is just awful, there are no guarantees, i spent 59 Axi A2 radiant relics, trying to get the Aklex Prime Link, but no luck, worst investment in my entire life.

The game looks good, i love the tuning of your warframe and weapons, changing colors, adding ephemeras, decals and accessories; i love amount of guns. But i hate the RNG and they add more and more of it with every update. I like the ideas behind their updates, but execution is mostly terrible. Looks at Kuva liches and especially Railjack with Scarlet Spear, it was very bad. Playing on PC felt like being an alpha tester, but you have to pay for new frames and buy platinum (you'll need a lot of it in late game and earning it is unrewarding). After certain point, progression is very slow. And they release new content slower and slower with each month, they can't handle Nightwave, it's ongoing for 8 months already and it's meh as well (Wolf was very random and invulnerable enemies were such bullshit; Emissary was very good and pretty short, small plot twist, new friends/enemies).

What i'm trying to say, this is not a 9/10 game anymore. Each new update brings more grinding and more randomness. Rewards are usually just puny (if there are any). You'll get very tired playing through same missions over and over and over and over and over .... and over again.

RgR37d ago

If you rate games based on current stnadards or expectations beyond the launch of a game then no game gets to keep their scores and reviews are even more useless than ever before.

Unless what made it a 9/10 before was would still be a 9/10.

staticall36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

It's a Live Service game, game that you got at launch and game that you have now are 2 completely different games, they changed UI, controls, starmap, missions, bosses, regular enemies, even tilesets; released new events (that you can't play anymore or can only play once a year), frames (that were rebalanced, sometimes making them completely useless or changing the way they play), weapons (same issue as with frames). They also added new open world areas. By your logic, if game was bad at launch (and Warframe was clunky with bad FPS) and you rated it, let's say, 5/10, then it should stay at 5/10 for all eternity, even with all the improvements? Or game was 9/10, but developers made it worse, by adding microtransactions, breaking stuff and so on, it still should be 9/10?
As Nimoy would've said, that's «Highly Illogical».

I actually think, reviewers must keep their reviews updated, reflecting the current state of the game; if new update make the game worse, you change your score to reflect that. But because most of the reviewers don't do that, some publishers release game without in-game stores or multiplayer at launch (to get better reviews) and after major good reviews are out, they add microtransactions or broken multiplayer.

P. S.: I'm not sure about other people, but to me, good old games still hold up. Metal Gear Solid, for example, Doom, Blood, Dragon Age, Diablo 2, even games like Shatterhand or Power Blade are still fun to play.

ecchiless36d ago

a lot of grind? not really, GI requieres a lot!, warframe is not that grindy, you dont need to pay for new frames and you dont need to buy platinum at all.

Dixiedevil37d ago

This is a game that I’ve kept coming back to every time there’s a lull in game releases, many times putting money into it in order to support the game and company. Now that it’s owned by China, I won’t give them another dime.

ZeroBlue237d ago

Didn't know it was bought out by China, now I know not to play this again.

LM121337d ago

i wonder if china feels this way about america

RememberThe35736d ago

Tencent bought them like a year ago I think. Seems like its been pretty positive for both parties.

anast37d ago

I used to grind this game, but the frames I like got vaulted and there was nothing left to play for.

Elwenil36d ago

Vaulted frames rotate in and out, usually they swap out when a new Prime Access is being released with a new frame.

anast36d ago

Yeah, but I'm not going to wait for that and play a frame I don't want.

Elwenil36d ago

Then you have completely missed the point of Warframe. The only time you are playing the frame and weapons you want, is when you are not leveling something else. If you aren't leveling, you aren't really getting anywhere.

anast36d ago

Not really, if I don't like the frames, then why keep grinding to level up to get something I don't want. The point of a game like this is to work towards things you want not toward things you are forced to have.

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