Out of Eight: Iron Grip: Warlord Review

Out of Eight writes: "The movie 300 shows that sometimes its fun to defend against high numbers of invading attackers and mow them all down (the Spartans did win that battle, right?). The defensive side of the gaming equation has only gotten sporadic attention in the form of strategy games like Stronghold and unfairly balanced first person shooters like the Serious Sam series. Most of the time, even in assault games, there are people on both sides fighting for freedom (and usually screaming about it). This (I think) brings us to Iron Grip: Warlord, a defensive game where you and a team of buddies defend against an AI invasion by building defensive structures and shooting people in the face. The Isotx team previously developed a total conversion mod for Half-Life 2 which, as far as I can tell, is significantly different from Iron Grip: Warlord except for the setting and the combination of both first person shooter and real-time strategy gaming."

The Good:
+Very challenging and requires team coordination
+Both first person combat and strategic defensive placements
+Plentiful upgrades based on performance
+Chaotic fun

The Not So Good:
-Can't play as the offense
-Brain-dead AI doesn't cooperate well or engage vehicles in single player
-Only a handful of structures
-Enemy vehicles are overpowered

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