Out of Eight: Backyard Football '09 Review

Out of Eight writes: "Those of us looking for an NFL-licensed game outside of the DRM empire have been out of luck for several years, due to an exclusive license between the NFL and the DRM empire that involves an uncomfortable three-way with John Madden. But lo! What is that gleam of hope on the horizon? All right, I admit, it's a "kids game," but still, Backyard Football '09 might offer up some simple gridiron fun, right? I mean, the game does features real NFL teams and one real NFL player from each time, and who doesn't want to play with an even shorter version of Maurice Jones-Drew? So grab your helmet and let's head outside for some kid-on-kid sports violence!"

The Good:
+Straightforward mouse-driven controls
+Simplified but entertaining gameplay
+Numerous game modes
+Real NFL teams and players

The Not So Good:
-Completely unfair power moves
-Have to unlock some players
-No online play
-Stability issues

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