Wii Modchip Coming February 7th

It hasn't take long for a modchip to hit the internet for Nintendos new console the Wii. In fact its been just over 2 months since the Wii's release and now WiiKey is offering the new modchip come Feburary 7th.

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TheMART4904d ago

There is at least already one modchip out there and the second one could be out also.

One thing this is different if it's right, that it can play from different regions

NeViXa4903d ago

it can not play games from a different region. NTSC consoles can't play PAL and visa versa. Only the different types of NTSC (Jap and US) are playable on both.

But this is really old news and there are already 2 modchips out (wiinja and cyclo)

ChickeyCantor4903d ago

thats funny nevixa
how people with modded xbox1's can play games from evry region........

eclipsegryph4903d ago

...But why is News For Gamers allowing such obvious pirating propaganda on their webpage?