FighterZ Controls and the Future of Fighting Games

Is the future of the fighting game genre found in Dragon Ball FighterZ controls? Should that simplified control style be used in other games?

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Outlawzz38d ago

Would like to see kakarot combined with fighterz gameplay

VTKC38d ago

There should be an option to turn it off. I was mortified when I realised I could press the jab button repeatedly and a rather lengthy combo came out in king of fighters.

TimelessDbz38d ago

I would hope not. Can't stand auto combos. Offer a technical mode and simple mode.

Lexreborn238d ago

I’m honestly not a fan of how the game plays. I like to watch it though, but playing it is not fun.

oakshin38d ago

killed all my desire to play this game everything is a qcf input and auto combos can't be turned off movement is literally pushing a button......I'm a Mishima player on pad ffs Im not doing auto combos I wont get good like that

I don't even play mk11 or sf5 because it's dumbed down