5 Nintendo Switch Ports You Must Play

Jaydyn Spisak: Nintendo Switch has many great 1st party titles to already play, but here are 5 best Nintendo Switch ports that you absolutely must play.

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BandarHub44d ago

Backwards compatibility is one of the most needed features on Nintendo consoles.

zacfoldor44d ago

Yes, PLEASE give me some 3D Zeldas this year Nintendo!!!

Tacoboto44d ago

Twilight Princess HD and Wind Waker HD!

Aren't those by themselves like half of Nintendo's remaining Wii U games not ported yet?

(Of course we need OoT and MM ported too)

Nintentional44d ago

You do realize there’s no way to have a disc drive on the Switch, right? ...

BandarHub44d ago

They could be made digitally available.

Vits44d ago

Digital games could work. Or even a disc add-on for the dock.

CrimsonWing6944d ago

Except Nintendo discovered they can just re-sell the games at full price.

KingofBandits44d ago

hard to do that when they don't stick to a specific medium for physical software and then change the store and online interfaces for every console they make.

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iplay1up244d ago

I personally like Xenoblade Chronicles X better than 1 or 2. The Mario 35th anniversary bundle, is a GREAT collection. Sunshine looks like it was a brand new game! The game pops in HD.

Zeldafan6444d ago

All the Xenoblades are great but I think X is the weakest entry in the series.

iplay1up244d ago

Your comment, is exactly what I expected from most people. I don't take offense, because almost everyone says the same thing as you.

I played the remaster of the OG, but only for a couple of hours. Maybe I will play it some more.

Zeldafan6442d ago (Edited 42d ago )

The story, music and characters (except for Elma) in X just aren't as good as in 1 and 2 imo. I still do definitely want a sequel to X don't get me wrong.