What PlayStation Franchises Should Return on PS5?

IGN's weekly PlayStation show discusses impressions of Hitman 3, our hopes for returning PlayStation franchises on PS5, and more.

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moriarty188938d ago

Knack 3 please.....loved the first two games.

Axecution37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Knack 2 goty

1Victor37d ago

I would prefer Warhawk or starhawk to return those where amazing MMO3PS and really fun games with all players remembering at least 2 epic moments they did or was done to them 🤣

ABizzel137d ago

Same I loved Warhawk, and Starhawk basically was the foundation for Fortnite.

Linzoid37d ago

Warhawk so much better than Starhawk. Would love a Warhawk remaster or a real Warhawk 2

Axecution37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

This seems like a good place to post that the Warhawk community still exists. Takes 30 seconds to set up. Need a disc copy though since the digital game can't even be started for lan play... smh

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solideagle37d ago

PlayStation All star with slight improvement. I think this could become huge.

Games1st37d ago

"Slight improvement" Kill without supers.

37d ago
Teflon0237d ago

Dark Cloud 3 needs to happen. Tired of Level 5 making 2 of the games for PS and bailing lol

Lore36d ago


Lol, sad to say this, but I honestly think Sony does not truly appreciate Level-5, and is the one who doesn’t green light the continuations. Cannot fathom why they have not been acquired by them. They put out quality games at a solid rate consistently. Would be a great addition

36d ago
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isarai38d ago

Ape Escape bro, c'mon man give me this!

rwdd36d ago

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OptimusC37d ago

it's probably never coming back.... it was a great series of games but it didn't have the following compared to sonic, mario, crash, and spyro at the time.

Silly Mammo37d ago

Bugsnaxx might scratch that itch.

Nyxus38d ago

I'd like Metal Gear Solid to return in some form.

Knushwood Butt38d ago

I'm currently playing Rising as I only got about halfway through it back in 2013 (time flies).

I realize this was multiplat, but I'd be interested to see another quality spin off like this, or even a remake of Rising that fixes the camera, etc.

Nyxus37d ago

Yeah Rising was great, too bad it never got a sequel.

A Metal Gear remake of some kind would also be cool. Imagine MGS3 looking like this: https://www.metalgearinform...

Knushwood Butt37d ago

Yes, good call. A sequel to Rising.

Long overdue, and if they teamed up with Platinum again it would be a chance for Konami to redeem themselves, as Rising was a spin off in the first place.

Just get rid of the generic 'Rock' music that kicks in whenever Raiden so much as anticipates an enemy encounter.

Army_of_Darkness37d ago

Raiden- "bad guys... It's time to rock n roll!"

RazzerRedux37d ago

Bluepoint is rumored to be remaking the first MGS. I would love that

Nyxus37d ago

I hope so but it remains to be seen. David Hayter doesn't seem to know anything about it.

Kilua36d ago

MGS remake is pretty much a guarantee at this point. Mark my wordss, it's happening. People can disagree to their hearts content

Gardenia37d ago

Yes! And also

Soul Reaver
Vagrant Story
Silent Hill

djl348537d ago

None of those are PlayStation franchises.

NRGuitarist37d ago

The stuff of dreams ❤😭

Unknown_Gamer579437d ago

And here I was thinking I was the only one who remembered this series. Yes!