Hitman 3 on Series X has a resolution advantage over PS5

The brilliant Hitman 3 from IO Interactive is here, an ambitious cross-platform project that sees the firm's proprietary Glacier Engine deployed to more target platforms on launch day than we've seen in previous series entries. We'll be taking a closer look at this latest iteration of the engine in more depth soon, examining the enhancements made to the technology and how they play out in Hitman 3's new levels - as well as the legacy missions from the two prior titles, which are all playable within the new game.

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hduce112d ago

This is what I was expecting with the game comparisons when the two systems launched.

Gazondaily112d ago

It was bound to happen and expect it to happen more going forward

RazzerRedux112d ago

Or not. Very well could see a back and forth between the two systems. Even here, XSX has the overall advantage but there are still pros and cons.

Shiken112d ago


The only con is a minor spot where it has a few dropped frames. It is mostly locked at 60 fps. The pros are higher resolution (native 4k vs 1800p) and higher graphical settings for the shadows. I would say it is a pretty clear cut victory for Series X.

RazzerRedux112d ago


And PS5 has no drops at all. I plainly said XSX has the overall advantage. In other games, PS5 has had similar advantages. This is a win for XSX, yes. Is it a definitive win? No.

Outside_ofthe_Box112d ago

"It was bound to happen and expect it to happen more going forward"

And if it doesn't? You guys were so sure that not only would the power gap be HUGE that it would happen right out of the gate. So far neither has been true.

Guess we'll know which system has the edge based on your presence around here. Was nowhere to be seen until now, shocker.

DarXyde112d ago

Certainly, it has been a long-held expectation. I think the benefits of one over the other will fundamentally come down to game design (i.e., if a game is built with certain priorities in mind, one will outshine the other).

hanuman2112d ago

@RazzerRedux; They have THE SAME F'ing architecture and one has less compute power than the other, GET OVER IT!

seanpitt23111d ago

So that’s ps5 SEVEN points Xbox SX ONE point and this game wasn’t a perfect win for the Xbox I am sure ps5 could of run this at native 4K and lose a couple of frames like the xbsx does but the ps5 is flawless in performance

RazzerRedux111d ago (Edited 111d ago )


Not entirely, no. PS5 has more custom elements than XSX like Geometry Engine and AMD specific tech like SmartShift. XSX is more stock RDNA 2.0 with less customizations outside of the segmented memory configuration. PS5 has faster clock speeds that increase frequency beyond just the CU. There is a lot of difference between these APUs so if you want to hang your hat on teraflops entirely, please do, but there is a reason why we wait for benchmarks like these and do NOT depend entirely on the results of ONE game.

Gazondaily may very well be right and this is what we see as the norm going forward. But after all the games we have seen so far, are we really going to depend that it all just came down to Hitman 3? Please.

Software_Lover111d ago

I personally do not care either way. A game with a slightly better resolution on ps5 will not stop my enjoyment of it if I buy it on XSX (when I get one). A game with a slightly better resolution on XSX will not stop my enjoyment of it if I buy it on the PS5.

The only thing people should be concerned with these days are crashes, terrible bugs, corrupt saves, etc. If a game has too many of these issues on one console then avoid that version.

Babadook7111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

PS5 pushes 30% less pixels but enjoys 20% higher (and more stable) performance when tested.

Neonridr111d ago

@RazzerRedux - you don't think if the SX was running @ 1800p there would be zero dips at all?

RazzerRedux111d ago

"@RazzerRedux - you don't think if the SX was running @ 1800p there would be zero dips at all?"

My guess is the two would perform exactly the same. In the same vein, if the PS5 version were running native 4K then I expect there would be more drops.

And we have already seen issues patched from previous games that brought the versions closer together, that could certainly be the case here as well.

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TheProblem112d ago

Notice how eurogamer proudly display the series X advantage in the title

Whenever PS5 has the advantage. You’d never know from the title. It would be buried somewhere in the article.

I’ll wait for nx gamers comparison though

StoneyYoshi112d ago

I was thinking this when I saw the youtube title. They always treaded lightly whenever the ps5 had an advantage but maybe since this is a clear difference with resolution it makes it ok I guess?

JEECE112d ago

This shouldn't be a surprise. When PS3 ports didn't run as well as the 360 versions or had weird textures, it was a huge story, but when XONE ports ran worse or had lower resolution than the PS4 versions, you were a "console warrior" if you mentioned it.

Benficaman112d ago

thats exactly what i thought.

Donnie81112d ago

Just stop digital foundry covers for the ps5 every video. Just look at destiny 2 the conveniently forget to mention the ps5 frequently drops to 1440p and has way too much aa they totally act like less than a quarter a FPS is just game changing. Go to Cold War they totally just lump the resolutions of the games together and neglect to mention the series x has a major advantage there. Oh but instead of updating the video they correct any “mistake “ they make on Twitter. If the series x has a win they almost never say it but if the ps5 had any advantage they spent half the video going on about it

Atticus_finch112d ago

Damn, they make their bias really obvious.

oof46112d ago

Oh, Jesus Christ...just stop. If they say anything positive about Sony, Xbots get mad. If they say anything positive about Xbox, the ponies get riled up. It's a never ending cycle.

112d ago
Kavorklestein112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

I think it's because they have a hard time believing the PS5's "wins" on other games are because of any real advantage. They are probably well aware that it is more than likely due to sloppy development and/or learning curves to adjust to with these new machines.
Also, Maybe another part of them "loudly" saying Series X had and advantage, is because this is the first time we've seen such a large gap/advantage between machines?
Not a conspiracy really, as they have clearly and loudly said PS5 has better next gen only software and that includes new Ui's, and next gen only launch titles they have also said every Ps5 owner is lucky to have Astro make such a strong case for the adaptive triggers.
Not a bad situation.
People need to relax and quit getting tinfoil hats about every damn thing.
Maybe it's them just calling it like they see it.

Profchaos112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

Yeah they don't bite the hand that feeds them.

To some extent I often wonder if it's just because that's a more clickbaity headline that gets viewers but then again they get private tours of Redmond regularly and had a series s for some time with inside knowledge that it existed

111d ago
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dantesparda112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

I would rather have 3200x1800 with a better framerate (PS5), then the 4k with a worst frame rate. And its about time the XsX supposedly wins one, cuz i dont think the higher res is a win.

And p.s. this games engine just seems to favor MS's API.

porkChop112d ago

The framerate is locked 60 for both. The SX only dips in one area of one level. Why would you take lower resolution and lower quality shadows 100% of the time?

Shiken112d ago


Because he is damage controlling.

iplay1up2112d ago

Spoken like a true fanboy. I am getting a PS5, but right now I am VERY happy with my Series X. 85 games already optimized for it. Games that are not optimized, for PS5, and also GAMES I HAVE ALREADY BEEN PLAYING. Sony wants $ ASAP.

Microsoft, smart delivery is a great addition to a console. Quick resume, is to. Being able to switch between games in seconds, and being right where you left off, is also a great addition. It is nice to switch back and forth between games in seconds is nice.

DJStotty112d ago


Wow, the denial and salt is huge with this one, so you prefer a lower resolution? But looking at your comment history you look like an advocate for a higher resolution the amount of times you have slated the Series S and X performance, eating a bit of crow now, probably why you are shunning the clear fact that the Series X has an advantage over the PS5, denting your justification for your initial purchase.

It's ok, i have a few jugs empty to collect all these salty tears today.

gravedigger111d ago


"85 games already optimized for it. Games that are not optimized, for PS5, and also GAMES I HAVE ALREADY BEEN PLAYING. Sony wants $ ASAP. "

You mean 85 optimized backward compatibility games on XSX

111d ago
Babadook7111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

A valid point. DF doesn't test the entire game either, so there could be even worse areas later on. PS5 has the FPS advantage here and looking at the big picture its obvious Series X is going to be hard pressed winning a head to head with no caveats.

dantesparda109d ago

Wow, I see I triggered alot of MS fanboys with my opinion but sorry kids, but i prefer framerate over all, period!
Now go back to playing your beloved piece of plastic and off my dick.

And I own all the systems, PS5, XsX, Switch & PC, heck I still have my X1 as I havent been able to sell it yet. And p.s. i really dont give 2 sh1ts about the shadows.

slavish0109d ago

🤣🤣🤣 29315;🤣😂㈳ 4;

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CaptainHenry916112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

It's a cross gen game though and the Series X and PS5 don't look that much different at all. I can't even tell. I'm curious about the load times on all versions ⏲️

Om4ever112d ago

I heard that it was a 0,5 sec advantage for PS5

CaptainHenry916112d ago

What about the Series S loadtime?

darthv72112d ago

Watch the video to know the load times.

Silly gameAr112d ago

This is what a lot of people were expecting, but those same people were weirdly quiet when it didn't go the way they had hoped it would.

Kavorklestein112d ago

So you think its bad the people were Quietly waiting for good examples of skilled developers to comment about the expected power advantage.
You would rather have seen people Incessantly whining about gfx for each game and say "Xbox should have been better wtf is going on? Fuck this game fuck Sony" etc.. etc.. you would have preferred that?

Jin_Sakai112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

“Hitman 3 on Series X has a resolution advantage over PS5“

And Hitman 3 on PS5 has a framerate advantage over Series X.

someone72112d ago

Not really, you cant really call a small dip in one very small area of 1 level which essentially has all but no impact on gameplay to be a negative. Its likely a bug.

The series x has an advantage in resolution, shadows, and one other area(where it was running one setting higher) while maintaining the same frame-rate for 99.9% of the game.

Its a clear win for the series x in regards to technical performance. Something we should expect given the faster cpu, faster ram, and faster gpu. It was only a matter of time.

That said, there are two elements of which are outliers each time.

1. Can you actually notice the difference? I own all 3 consoles, and honestly, on a 65” oled from 8ft i can barely tell the difference.

2. Other factors - things like the dual sense controller triggers which greatly augment gameplay in some areas.

At the end of the day, fanboy wars are stupid. Just get what you like and be happy it its a good game.

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lifeisgamesok112d ago

Expect resolution to matter again when some were fine playing at 720P and 900P for 4 years until the X1X

phoenixwing112d ago

hopefully they won't act like it matters until a few more games have better resolution or they could eat crow again

111d ago
AngelicIceDiamond112d ago

The whole resolution thing only mattered to MS. Before the 1X released hardly anyone was talking about resolution because both machines were performing identically for the most part. Once the 1X was announced then the whole RES argument started again and of course Xbox fanboys got all riled up.

As far as I'm concern it was PS fanboys who started the resolution nonsense anyway. Creating hash tags #don'tgimpPS4. So if course years later Xbox fanboys are gonna troll back once they have a stronger mid gen console.

You gotta know your history in who started this nonsense in the first place.

RazzerRedux112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

This wasn't "started" last gen at all. This has been going long before that. I remember when folks were talking about sprite sizes back in the Genesis and SNES days. It is never ending. And frankly, I'm fine with that. Makes the whole industry better in a lot of ways and always pushing forward. Either way, I don't get how anyone can point a finger and say "they started it".

JustTheFax112d ago

@RazzerRedux Genesis games ran at a higher res, SNES had more colors. haha SNES had a hi-res mode but only one game really used it, RPM Racing.

oof46112d ago

@RazzerRedux: I remember all the arguing and finger pointing at the differences between Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter II on the SNES/Genesis.

112d ago
Neonridr111d ago

the start of the PS4 / XB1 gen resolution articles were everywhere. Not sure where you were Angelic.

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XbladeTeddy112d ago

Yeah but we can't be stuck at those resolutions forever. 4K is beautiful on the eyes and is a good step forward visually. As long as they give gamers options of having 4k at a lower FPS rate or having 1080p at a higher FPS rate I'm good with it.

112d ago
pohofih143111d ago

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DiRtY112d ago

And shadow quality is also better on Xbox Series X.

CaptainHenry916112d ago

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do 😂🤷‍♂️

DJStotty112d ago Show
lifeisgamesok112d ago

These consoles will still remain very close in performance

RazzerRedux112d ago

That is what I think as well. Right now, PS5 and XSX are just trading blows but neither is showing anything more than a marginal advantage in most cases.

shabz666112d ago

Even though the series x has a clear advantage here with the native 4k resolution and higher equality shadows , it honestly such a waste of its power and resources to go full 4k like this. I’m seriously hoping both ms and Sony are working with amd to get some sort of high quality dlss like solution going forward this gen. The series x vrs and deep learning tech and Sony evolving its checkerboard techniques is the only way we can have 60fps at higher resolutions.

RaidenBlack112d ago

you didn't come up with a gist of the DF analysis this time?

RazzerRedux111d ago (Edited 111d ago )


I don't when there is already an article explaining everything. The summary is for when there is only a video that not everyone may want to sit through.

phoenixwing112d ago

but does it toast my chicken like the kfc console that is coming?

Nuvem112d ago

No, but it toasts whoever buys it.

DJStotty112d ago

No, but you can store your KFC in the fridge.