Gears of War 2's Unanswered Questions

Action. Horror. Comedy. Love. Tragedy. The story in Gears of War 2 had almost everything. The only element missing? Closure.

The sequel ends with far more questions than answers and, by the time the final credits roll, you are left with far more confusion than comprehension. What the hell has happened to the world of Sera, and what will happen next?

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rbluetank3700d ago

Skorg was a CGI in gears2 and was as lame as a new character can get. i rather fight Raam all over again then him. Raam was a bad2SS and Skorge was a joke. Skorge will be back in his CGI form again and yes is alive. Dizzy and Tai were not apart of gears2. i did not get to know nothing about both of them or play them in the game. Dizzy sounded stupid and Tai sound depressed. i knew Tai was sucidial after he came from underneath the darick in chapter two. it was a matter of time when he was going to "jump" i found out that the sires came from Halo2/3 and along with some weapons and the boss battle and Skorge came from old movies. this was not hard to figure out. the last thing i figured out was that Epic can not make their own engine run right.!!! after two tries. glitches glore!!! Epic are still having problems putting more then 8 enemies on the screen at one time in these big @ss boards. They have 40 enemies in the background but 8 in the foreground. WTF They have been working on this game for aleast 4 years and still the same "hitstee" problems. I am passing on this game title as a sure buy next time around. rent to own before losing money on HYPE.