Very Rare Blastoise Pokémon Card Sells For $360,000 At Auction

One of the rarest Pokémon cards ever printed in the game's history has just fetched an incredible $360,000 at auction.

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TheEnigma31337d ago

I have that card. I still have first edition cards from 1999

Kados37d ago

This isn't the normal holo Blastoise. It is a prototype that was never officially released.

CorndogBurglar37d ago

No you don't. This is a prototype version and only 2 were ever printed. Neither of them were sold in packs.

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Knightofelemia37d ago

Better investment then Beanie babies

MetroidFREAK2137d ago

Man, if only we knew what we know now back then... I wish I had all my cards still lol... curse my 9 year old self