Microsoft confirms 256MB internal storage in Xbox 360 Arcade units

Xbox 360 Fanboy writes:

"As if all the images and videos weren't enough evidence, we've now received official confirmation from Microsoft that new Xbox 360 Arcade units do come with 256MB of internal storage. Speaking with us, a Microsoft spokesperson said quite simply, "We are constantly updating the console's more than 1700 internal components. We can confirm that we are moving to internal memory for the Xbox 360 Arcade. The physical internal memory is the same size as the previous external memory units - 256MB."

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vitz33704d ago

Because they're making the same mistakes they made with the MSX. Constantly changing the hardware and segmenting their market further.

thebudgetgamer3704d ago

you can dowload like half a demo


pwnsause3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

why is it I always relate the 360 to the Sega Genesis??? Oh, thats why.


Yea, its very similar to the MSX as well.

Statix3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Hasn't Sony been apt to do the same thing with their hardware? In terms of reconfiguring the storage memory amounts, omitting or altering backwards compatibility capabilities, changing the number of USB ports several times, and going back on their decision to not include wi-fi in the value model?

I love my PS3 as much as anybody, but I don't see how MS can be criticized for this particular move, especially considering Sony's same penchant for hardware SKU revisions.

Killjoy30003704d ago

How about at least a 2 gig HDD? Oh yeah, MS.....

Bnet3433704d ago

If anyone remembers the 256 MB is basically the Memory Unit that came with the Arcade pack. Now since the 256 is internal, they did away with including a memory unit. It's intended for room for NXE and any possible future updates and also your saved games and possibly a few XBLA games.

uxo223704d ago

Thanks finally someone that actually took some time to think about why Microsoft did this instead of spewing out a bunch of ridiculous hate.

Bubbles up.

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DarkSniper3704d ago

Adding the component of 256MB inside XBox 360 does nothing to repair an already tarnished image of the console. Much like the Microslave dolts who follow the console, the manufacturers of Xbox 360 have the IQ of a string bean. Thus rendering this wannabe piece of machinery useless to anyone who has a mind.

Dark Sniper's facts go as followed. No matter what Microsoft does, Xbox 360 will always be an inferior console compared to the critically and commercially acclaimed PLAYSTATION®3 Computer Entertainment System. Xbox 360 will continue to show their lack of expertise and false confidence with consoles STILL continuing to defect worldwide. Also for the blind Microslave who has the questionable audacity to buy such a console, will still be hindered by only enjoying 7% of what PLAYSYATION®3 can offer for a much more reasonable price.

Microsoft installing 256MB is a moot point. The reason being is because as Dark Sniper stated before, Xbox 360 console will continue to display the red rings of death. Dark Sniper isnt complaining, every time he walks into a game store and sees the three flashing red rings, he gets an orgasmic experience that cannot be duplicated or replicated.

Microsoft could have the Cell Processor inside Xbox 360 and still not know what to do with it.


360 man3704d ago


ElementX3704d ago

LOL, the "tarnished" console is still beating PS3 in the US.

cmrbe3704d ago

you take the cake.

I'll give you another bubble.

DJ3704d ago

Every 360 needs to have a hard drive; there's just no excuse.

Bladestar3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

what's the lesson? because the xbox 360 seems to be selling very well... and customers and developers seems to understand the purpose and need of the hard drive.... developer know not to require hard drive availability... and people know that if they want to save their game saves and download movies and content of the internet they need a hard drive...

This is what separates a $199 vs $299 console.... simple... now even more since the xbox 360 will now come with a built in memory unit... that means people do not even need a hard drive for game saves...

it's all relative... think about it.. there are a ton of people buying wii and PS2 which do not come or have the option of a hard drive because people only care or want the retail games... some people aren't willing to pay extra for something they are not going to use... and if they do they can always buy the hard drive separate...

Also, think about the people that have multiple xbox 360 and would hate to pay for a hard drive they are not going to use... I use only 1 hard drive... I have 3 xbox 360 in different location in my house... and all I do is snap my removable xbox 360 hard drive and take it anywhere I want... including friends house... no crew driver or moving the entire console require.

Think about it...

for the price of 2 Elite ($400 each) I can buy 3 xbox 360 (1 elite and 2 arcades) each one now have their own internal memory for game saves and all I need is one hard drive for my movie content and downloable...

that means, I can have one in my home office, bed room and living room for the price of 2 elite... trust me.. I rather get 1 extra console than a useless hard drive I am not going to use.

GrammarPolice3704d ago

That is quite possibly the worst rationalization I have read on this site.

Bubble Buddy3704d ago

Uh yeah. Bladestar, If Sony sold the PS3 for $300 U.S, it'll be chaos.

thebudgetgamer3704d ago

@bladestar sure buddy whatever helps you sleep at night

sak5003704d ago

@grammerpolice and other SDF member.

You can't comprehend simple mathematics. Blade put it very well. I have 2 consoles as well, would rather pickup an arcade so that i can just use it for streaming movies off my pc and keep in living room. Why should i buy another one with hdd?

Arcade pricing model can also get them casual/girl gamers to just pick up and start using it. And unlike ps3, 360 doesnt require mandatory installs and its games still beat ps3 when it comes to multiplats. BD was a useless addition and even if sony admits one day i'm sure you ignorant people will not acknowledge anything bad about ps3's design.

uxo223704d ago

I don't know what these guys are talking about but I thought your analogy was pretty good. And I agree with you completely.

etownone3704d ago

Nice comeback Bladestar...

don't listen to these little sony punks. They are still pissed that their two biggest titles this holiday season are considered flops as far as sales, especially when compared to Gears and Fable.... oh and the beat down they received this past weekend has left a soreness on all their azzes.

Plain and simple, some people need HDD, whether it be because they can't afford internet (and everyone knows a HDD is great if you want to take it online), don't' want their kids playing with strangers, just can't get the reception where they live, or are just happy playing single player games by themselves.

nycredude3704d ago

What a mega tool you are man. You seriously defending 256 mb? Dude you can't do shiat with that. I saw an 8gb usb memory card for $20 bucks. Would it kill MS to do the right thing for once instead of fuking their user base again.

And yet tools like you Etownone or whatever continue to get fuked and pretty much just ask for more lube. That is pretty much what goes on with everyone who puts up with MS bullshiat! Putting up with the hardware issues is equivalent to taking it in the rear from them and just asking for lube!

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eagle213704d ago

Is this anything to even make a hoot about? IGN wrote an interesting piece about the arcade unit. I won't even tell you the title of the article since I am in the gamer zone.

Covenant3704d ago

Still needs an HD. But here's a question: Will the Arcades still include a 256MB memory card?

darthv723704d ago

bigger question. Can these new arcades take advantage of the hdd offer from MS? I thought it was for those who have core or arcade without mem card to be used with nxe. Seeing as the nxe is already preloaded...there goes the 20gb hdd deal for $30.

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