Out of Eight: Xpand Rally Xtreme Review

Out of Eight writes: "If you're a regular visitor to the site (and who is?), you'll know that I have quite a fondness for rally racing. I mention it when I do my yearly review of a rally game, as evidenced by the following reviews: DiRT and, the prequel to this game, Xpand Rally. So here we go again with the perpetually misspelled Xpand Rally Xtreme. It's like Xpand Rally, only XTREME. You know, XTREME locations. XTREME cars. XTREME XTREMEness. I think I've made my point, whatever that may be."

The Good:
+Precarious new locations
+Irregular road surfaces
+New XTREME cars
+Special stage and track races

The Not So Good:
-Still have to unlock content
-AI driver difficulty is sporadic

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