Roblox Scammers are Abusing Controller Bindings

Roblox players are concerned about the abuse of controller bindings to scam users, especially younger ones, into accidental purchases.

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NotoriousWhiz90d ago

Shameful. Roblox creators are crooks. They can even take away a child's purchases at any time for no reason without refund. It's happened to my son three times over the past year. I filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection division a couple months ago. Not sure if anything will come from it, but Roblox really should be held accountable for scamming young children.

90d ago
darefix8390d ago

I got scammed 4 times because of it... When I have Robux I usualy dont try games I dont know so the most of time I am playing my older games in roblox... Seriously It happened to me a hundred of times that I was about to getting scam as soon as I want to jump pressing A button on my controller nor things like that. Im happy to see this news, while I think that Roblox developper can fix it easily but doesnt. ;:o[