Just what is Sony’s strategy for making PS5 updates to key PS4 exclusives?

Where are the PS5 updates for God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us Part 2, Bloodborne?

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masterfox38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I think they only need to have unlock the framerate and let the PS5 power handle all the unoptimized assets for 60 fps, imo doesn't need to have a huge update to add extra details effects to the game, all those exclusive mentioned already look stunning as it is and are miles ahead than any other console exclusive imo, God of War is already 60 fps and it looks so damn nice!

Tacoboto38d ago

I recall a while ago Digital Foundry talking about Horizon ZD on PS4 being built specifically for 30hz refreshes.

Obviously, the Decima PC ports run at unlocked framerates, but that OG engine (and others built for PS4 exclusivity) may not be capable of it "for free"

d3nworth137d ago

Killzone Shadowfall multiplayer ran at 60 and it was a launch title.

_SilverHawk_37d ago

I can't wait for the ps5 version of a lot of ps4 games.

Tacoboto37d ago


That was a game built with that in mind. That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying DF may have said that one specific game was engineered for 30hz refreshing - and if that's true, other titles could be like that at the engine level.

Teflon0237d ago

taco, think the point they were making. Horizon's engine is a updated version of that engine, the PC changes could be used to fix any issues. Though I do want to note Shadowfalls single player was technically 60fps too if I remember correct, but never really passed 40ish, so on ps5 it runs a clean 60

Tacoboto37d ago

Teflon - that's a heavy assumption that the updated engine can just be dropped in and work without other changes to the PS4 game's codebase. Just to effectively toggle 60fps on one platform, it wouldn't be worth it.

There are reasons UE3 games are still being made despite UE4 being out so long, too.

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Rude-ro37d ago

This type of article only exists because it is the only thing the competition offers.
Pc or Xbox.
If either would ever actually put effort into something new, then we could have a real competition.
The clickbait “upgrade the past” is for morons while the mass majority of consumers look for something new,
That is why every streamer is having a midlife crisis right now... because games are stale and the viewerships are dying.
You have Sony exclusives... then you have, for the majority, repetitive third party games...
So the marketing teams are “how do you make old games look better ummmm derrr”

37d ago
LightofDarkness37d ago

I have a PS5 and I'm waiting for these updates. Take off the tinfoil hat once in a while, it might suit you better.

pohofih14337d ago

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Rude-ro37d ago

There is no tinfoil hat.
There is the reality.
Ie the console is upgrading games and patches can/could come..
But making an article about this scenario is idiotic.
Boosts are nice..
But the PlayStation brand is about the future.
Pc and Microsoft are stale as can be per new games,
They also focus on just making old games or stale AAA games look better to sell hardware... to sugar coat the lack of output.
Sony’s games were already a gen ahead and the ps5 is boosting games.
We do not need a strategy.
We need new and exciting games for the new and exciting hardware.

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37d ago
Nodoze38d ago

There isn't one. Jim Ryan is a complete failure in his present role. He needs to go.

37d ago
BrainSyphoned38d ago

I'm sure being the head of a product that instantly sells out months after launch is horrible for your resume.

CrimsonWing6938d ago

I agree with you and that’s not me making a joke.

The same guy who doesn’t understand why people want to play old games, thought that rumble wasn’t worth putting in a PlayStation 3 controller, and is also not willing to take risks on new IPs... yea this ain’t the guy I want running the Sony show.

RememberThe35738d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Sony said rumble wasn't what people wanted because they were in a parent dispute and couldn't add rumble to the sixaxis at launch. It's was marketing bullshit to cover up corporate bullshit, not actual company policy. I'm not a fan of Jim either but he's doing his job really well.

TheTony31637d ago (Edited 37d ago )

The rumble feature had nothing to do with jim ryan. They couldn't use it at the time because of a dispute. Naughty Dog and Santa Monica are working on new IPs. I prefered Yoshida but Ryan is far from the worst.

Duke1938d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I actively hope that remasters for everything dont become the norm. Its ok to have good exclusives that stay on one platform. Im much happier we are getting a new HZD, rather than a remake of the first game. (and no - "they should do both" is not a reasonable answer for so many reasons)

Kabaneri38d ago

Charging you $70 for a remaster, more than likely.

Nyxus38d ago

So what Nintendo has been doing for the last three years? Or does it only matter when Sony does it.

RememberThe35738d ago

I assume it sucks when anyone does it...

Kabaneri37d ago

It matter when everyone does it but Sony is the one that decided to make MSRP $70.

Teflon0237d ago

What remaster is $70? Because Spiderman is part of a 2 game bundle and is ultimately $20 when I got it and came with all the DLC, While DKTF released with a character as super easy mode as a side scroller game at a higher price than its release price. AND nintendo game prices don't drop while Sony drops em fast. It's not even remotely bad in sony's case when they could have sold games full price on ps4 all gen like switch is with MK8, New Super mario bros U deluxe etc, BotW and so on

Christopher38d ago

Their plan is to focus on new games.

RememberThe35738d ago

TLOU2 is a new game. Probably won't hear a peep from them til the MP is ready, though.

VenomUK37d ago

Ghosts of Tsushima released in July 2020 later got an update. TLOU2 was released in June and was Sony’s biggest game of the year, but it hasn’t received the same treatment. The fact that Sony made a Spider-Man Remastered game makes me suspect a PS5 remastered edition is likely.

Christopher37d ago

Personally, I don't care. I'm not about being 4k and it already plays at 60fps on PS5. I'd rather they focus on new content and games. This fascination with making console games updated like PC games only delays new content and games, IMHO. And I'm a massive fan of BC support. I just don't mind playing them without new bells and whistles because those games aren't good because of looks but gameplay.


RememberThe35737d ago

I definitely don't want to see a remastered edition but you're probably right, Venom. I was thinking along the lines that they'd release an update that adds the multiplayer the same way Ghost did. But TLOU2 as a graphical showcase is unmatched and now that I think about it I shouldn't be surprised to see Sony put out a complete remake with all the next gen bells a whistles. If I'm not mistaken the Remastered version of the original game did far better than the PS3 version, sales wise. Might we see something similar here?

Teflon0237d ago

It's devs choice I'm sure. SP probably did it for the sake of it since the game was fine to do so. While Naughty Dog is focused on MP, they'll likely either give away a remaster when the MP drops or release a ps5 version when mp drops. Bu Insomiac and SP definitely did those freely. Don't think sony was even aware of Spidey remaster with how it was anounced lol

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gamer780437d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Seems like it. But they could easily outsource this if they don’t want to add internal resources to do it. It’s doesn’t have to be an either or situation.

Christopher37d ago

That's money towards that instead of something towards the future. It's not like outsourcing it is free. Let alone outsourcing would take more time to do, which means more cost attached as well.

I'm, personally, happy with Sony moving away from updating games or remastering games we can already play if their future is in continue to be BC on future hardware. The attention to old games is nice, but I'd much rather they put that money towards new content rather than propping up old content that's still good, otherwise people wouldn't want to play them in native 4k.

gamer780437d ago

@christopher if they don’t have the budget to do both then I’d agree take the money that Sony Corp allots them to focus on new games if there isn’t enough money to do both. With games getting delayed it’s been nice to play some games which have been remastered in 4K with better textures though so if possible it’s nice to be able to have the best of both worlds.

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