G4TV Tech Review: LG Chocolate 3 Phone

G4TV writes: "If you're looking for a good solid phone to stuff into someone's stocking, you might want to check out the 3rd edition of the fancy LG Chocolate flip phone, which can be yours for $99 and a contract."

What You Need To Know

* The first two chocolates had touch sensitive controls on the front that were hit or miss, but this one has a click wheel that's much easier to use and very iPod-esque
* It also has two displays (rather than one) that are both gorgeous.
* Looks just like every other phone.
*The music player works similar to an iPod and is really easy to use. It'll do things like automatically skip you to different letters of your music index
*The FM transmitter's signal isn't all that strong, but it's quick and simple
*The speaker is really loud, (play a song) but lows or mids don't come through too clear. We also wish there were more equalizer presets
*1 gig of internal storage, plus up to 8 gigs of micro-SD
*3.5 mm headphone jack
*Speakerphone is loud but sounds kind of hollow
*2 megapixel camera has better photo quality than we expected
*You can download tracks over v-cast using rhapsody, and it supports wma, mp3, and aac plus

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