The Most Disappointing Games of 2020

Matthew Owen from Super Gamesite 64 says..."2020 had some surprise hits and some equally surprising flops. These are our picks for the most disappointing games of 2020."

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abeosaa47d ago

Yet another 'disappointing games of 2020' article featuring CB2077. Is it really that difficult to find something new to write about?

MatthewOwen47d ago

You played Cyberpunk 2077 and weren't let down, not in the slightest? If that game lived up to every single expectation you had, then I'm really glad you're having a good time. Either way, I'm not surprised if other folks have cited it as a disappointing game from last year.

abeosaa46d ago

No I didn't play it. I waited for the reviews and saw they were bad so didn't bother. This is also why its tiresome seeing articles about it all the time - its been out for almost a month and a half now. Time to move on..

BandarHub46d ago

Far from dissaponting.
Cyberpunk 2077 has an amazing story...The cast is incredible.
The side quests were great as usual...with "They Won't Go When I Go", "The Hunt" and the best of all "Dream on". The ending to "dream on" sent shivers down my spine.
Cyberpunk 2077 has some of the best side quests in gaming.

Let's not forget the graphics which are jaw-dropping. I played 130hrs of CP77 and the n loaded Assassin's creed Valhalla the difference is astounding.

My only complaints are the game is too easy and not enough boss fights.

MatthewOwen46d ago

Thanks for reading! I'm glad you had a good time with it. I enjoyed some of the side quests and really liked some of the unique ideas in the main story, but there were quite a few gameplay mechanics and missing features that I found disappointing. Hopefully CDPR can clean it up and improve on it with the upcoming DLCs and patches.

BandarHub46d ago

For example?
I don't recall anything significant being removed

MatthewOwen42d ago

There was supposed to be a faction-based reputation system that aligned with side-gig completion, splitting your trust between various fixers and the NCPD. The authority system is also hobbled, as the lack of sufficient driving AI impacts the ability for police to actively chase you after committing a crime. Nothing that overtly "ruins" the game, but just made it less immersive. Perhaps "removed" was also the wrong word to use here. More a case of features and concepts that had been mentioned but were not found in the final product.

These are small apples though. The disappointing part of the experience for me was the buggy nature of the gameplay and a few glitches that could've prevented progress had I not been diligent with using multiple save files.