Nioh 2 Producer Thinks New Console Generation Is "The Perfect Time To Release" A Ninja Gaiden Game

In an interview with Nioh 2 producer Fumihiko Yasuda, we ask if it was possible that fans would see a new Ninja Gaiden, his response gave us hope.

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Tech539d ago

then get to it already!! :)
can't wait to see more.

BandarHub38d ago

With Sekiro and Ghost of Tsushima proving to hit...yeah no doubt

CrimsonWing6938d ago

Oh hell yea! And please don’t tone it down.

PersonX38d ago

Release a ninja gaiden collection first.

Majin-vegeta38d ago

Theres a rumored collection for this year

RememberThe35738d ago

Smart to get people talking early. Nioh 2 doesn't seem to have done as well as the first game do the series is basically dead after the PC release. Would love to see what they'd do with Ninja Gaiden. Nioh 2 has fantastic combat.

37d ago
Gaming4Life198138d ago

That would be great if done right using the power of the new hardware. I was playing ninja gaiden 1 & 2 on the series x the other day.

NapalmSanctuary37d ago

Hopefully its NGBlack, OG NG 2, and NG3 RE. Those are much better than the Sigma versions or the original NG3.

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The story is too old to be commented.