Ready 2 Rumble Wii Announced

Midway have not released one in years, but that doesn't mean that the franchise is dead. After all, German publisher 10tacle Studios did confirmed that it would be continuing the series in partnership with Japanese developer, Aki.

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bgrundman3704d ago

I would let you borrow mine, because it is not getting near enough use. But my wife vetoed it!

Jimmy the Greek3704d ago

its cartoony enough that itll work on the wii

bgrundman3704d ago

I loved the original on Dreamcast, so I may check this one out.

Sleebs3704d ago

Uh oh. Up against Wii Punch-Out?

bgrundman3704d ago

It won't stand a chance

kunit22c3704d ago

Thats what my first thought was!

bgrundman3704d ago

I think it will pale in comparison to Punch-Out

GCO Gamer3704d ago

Well, if you ask me Punch-Out is better

Jimmy the Greek3704d ago

definitely waiting for punch out. im waiting for the new punch out like ill be waiting for kid icarus, once they announce it

bgrundman3704d ago

I kinda wish this was coming to the 360. I mean, it couldn't be any worse than facebreaker was.

NegativeCreep4273704d ago

I had fun with the original on the PS2. But yeah this would be great if it came to the xbox and PS3

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The story is too old to be commented.