PS2 Sales Likely to Surpass PS3 Sales in 2007 and 2008

Interest for the highly-anticipated, next-gen gaming console built by Sony has dropped sharply, according to Japanese firm Media Create. So PS2 will reclaim its royal crown in 2008 too.

The Japanese research firm Media Create reported that PlayStation 2 (with a cheaper price and more games to play) beat its bigger sister PlayStation 3, on Sony's traditional playground: Japan. That is not exactly bad news for Sony, but it's bad news for those involved in manufacturing the PS3 with such huge costs and losses...

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Captain Tuttle4328d ago

but it seems their decision to stop supporting the original Xbox was a smart business move after all.

DC RID3R4328d ago (Edited 4327d ago )


In order for Sony to break even, the ps3 needs to "hit the ground running" and to deliver record breaking sales stats a.s.a.p,the exact opposite is happening though.

poor hardware sales, poor game attachment rates, and a general "meh" feeling towards the ps3 (so far), does not make for happy board meetings over at sony H.Q

Boink4327d ago

good news for the ps2, bad news for the ps3.

SimmoUK4327d ago

I love the bias of this site, It's good news for PS2 and PS3 the only bad news in Japan is Xbox360, PS3 outsold that in the first week...

darx4327d ago

You should move there then!

TheMART4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

That comment is too dumb to be true Simmo

The PS3 in Japan sells bad for Japanese markets. The XBOX is known not to sell that much because Japanese just prefer their own stuff and their own weird games that the rest of the world likes less.

If the PS3 fails to sell about 50 to 60k each week in Japan, the salesforecasts that Sony wants to get won't be made. Same in USA, they are not making their sales there.

When you know that the 360 now is selling about 40% of the PS3 sales, that's actually very, very good for the 360. If the lack of good games will take some more months (many PS3 titles beying delayed into 2008 like we see now, or like GRAW 2 from March, when the 360/PC version launch, to fall for the PS3), and more and more good AAA games come out for the 360 in the mean time you could see a very nice surprise. The 360 surpassing the PS3 sales in some months. It really can happen.

The most funny thing is, the Wii outsells the PS3, it sells 4 times as much in a week. That's insane.

Japan - Wii
Rest of the world (real next gen gamers) - 360

The PS2 last gen selling so much is actually no good news for the PS3. Those people won't buy another console for a very long time. Actually, MS's descision not to produce and sell the original XBOX anymore and get all support for the 360 is sad for last gen users, but it boosts next gen stuff. THe opposite is true for the PS2 and PS3.

The businessmodel of the PS3 is just totally out of balance, totally wrong.

BlackCountryBob4327d ago

Maybe news like this and the continued selling power of the Wii will show that most gamers are not viewing graphics as the ultimate differentiator between systems but instead are looking at price and quality of games available. Hopefully this will lead to the "now" generation lasting much longer than expected (2013 sounds fine) with a greater focus on games rather than terraflops and triangle counts. And all things being well the next gen (god it feels weird to comment on the next gen as something years in the future rather than just around the corner) will be released with good launch software lineups saturation of consoles in the shops and maybe most importantly, a price around £200.

Still, it does seem bad news for both M$ (had a year and still couldn't convince people that the 360 is worth it) and Sony (very few people give a crap about cell processors or bluray). Maybe Nintendo were right all along!!!!!

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