Destructoid interview: Sonic Unleashed

A few weeks ago, Destructoid was lucky enough to get a Q&A session with Sonic Unleashed producer Yoshihisa Hashimoto. They got to ask him about fan reaction to the Werehog, whether or not Sonic needs an involved storyline, and just how he addresses criticism from Sonic fans and the press.

Unfortunately, with Hashimoto being an understandably busy chap, the interview questions sent two weeks ago did not get back to them until today. As such, a few obsolete questions have been removed, while a couple of moments within the interview might still be a little out-of-date.

Also, please be aware that English is not Hashimoto's first language. Sega of Europe did a great job fixing up the answers, but the English may be a little off in some of Hashimoto-san's responses.

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