New Info and Two new characters for Street Fighter 4

Two new characters reveal for SF4. Cammy and GEN.

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Sano643701d ago

this is not new, they dont show Rose from SFA....

Serjikal_Strike3701d ago

not new, but still going to be an awesome game!

Flipgeneral3701d ago

My favourite character from the SFA series.
Time to own it up online with an old chinese dude!

Cyber Gamer3701d ago

Cant wait to play this game so far so good the game is looking up to be 1 of the best fighters in 09 or tekken for that matter first day buy for me

INehalemEXI3701d ago

This is a GT users blog...Not news.

Doppy3701d ago

SF4 is going to be great no doubt, but I wanted a mix of many of the old characters, and quite a few new characters. SF4 is like 95% old 5% new, which isn't bad, but it feels like an update to me rather than a completely new game (feels like Super Street Fighter HD Super HD).

I think it's time to move the series forward with new characters. They should do a complete rest of characters for part 5, and only add the original characters to train or help the new character prepare for the next game.

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The story is too old to be commented.