Team Ninja Interview: ‘The Nioh story has come to an end’

Nioh director Fumihiko Yasuda reflects on the series’ development and what’s next for the action-packed studio.

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Rambokind48d ago

The 2nd game bombed, so they're moving on. That's the real story.

neutralgamer199248d ago

Though it sometimes feels like a curse as you play, it is a testament that Nioh 2 successfully grabs and holds your complete attention so close for so long." By October 2020, the game had sold over 1.2 million copies worldwide. It was nominated for Best Action at The Game Awards 2020

ABizzel148d ago

That's an old wiki statement. It was confirmed back in May that the game has sold over 1 million units.

neutralgamer199248d ago (Edited 48d ago )


Nice it was a success and that's all that matters. Not every game costs hundreds of millions to make

Sonic-and-Crash48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

the team behind Nioh 2 wasnt the same as Nioh 1 ....had some good points here and there but ultimately was bland and difficult for all the wrong reasons (for example not a single item is not left alone without trap by lame enemiy attacks to the point of 1000nd seen boredome) ...shame because they had done a lot of work

Outlawzz48d ago

How did the game bomb ? I saw favorable reviews. Haven't played it myself since I never finished the first one. Maybe it wasn't to your liking, that doesn't mean it was a failure though.

CorndogBurglar48d ago

People usually either refer to reviews or sales when they say a game bombed. But it got good reviews and sold over a million copies, so I would hardly say it bombed lol

throne48d ago

nah, sold just as well as the first so it was a commercial success...he mentioned last year in an interview that wanted to do a new IP for the next generation

Rikimaru197748d ago

2 sweet games, now moved on and make a new NG game.

Eamon47d ago

From what I've heard, none of the original staff who made NG1 remain at Team Ninja sadly.

Sekiro is basically Nioh + Ninja Gaiden. But yeh, would love a new NG game. Or at least NG Black collection remastered and ported to current consoles.

47d ago
Eamon47d ago

Nah, the relentless way you fight is very similar. Lots of verticality and super aggressive bosses. Biggest difference is lack of combos in Sekiro.

autobotdan48d ago

On to Ninja Gaiden 4 already

CorndogBurglar48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

And please god don't give Ryu some stupid disease that causes him to wince in pain and go into a painful animation every 30 seconds that even pulls you out of combos. Whoever had that idea for NG3 should be kicked out of video game development forever. And the people that agreed that it was a good idea and allowed it into the game can go with them

micdagoat1947d ago

damn I still havnt played it im worried lol

Viking_mo48d ago

They said no Ninja gaiden and no more Nioh. What the blazes were they talking about when they said the fans would say *finally*

autobotdan48d ago

Finally Tecmo Bowl Returns in 2021


This would be the game of the generation if it came out.

DaReapa47d ago

"Finally" might be referencing the proposed Ninja Gaiden Trilogy Remaster that was mentioned in another article...

"Although Team Ninja denies that a new instalment is in the works, it was recently suggested that a selection of Ninja Gaiden remasters could be planned for 2021."


sourOG48d ago

I have more hope that the next NG will more like NG2 after nioh. Instead of the trashtastic, toned down shit sequels.

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