OC ModShop: Star Trek Online Interview with Craig Zinkievich

OC ModShop writes: "Recently I had the chance to speak with Craig Zinkievich, Executive Producer, Cryptic Studios about the pending Star Trek Online MMOPG. I had done an interview for the game a few years ago that was picked up by PC Gamer when the game was first in development at another studio, and I want to thank Craig, Danitra, and Jerry for setting up this interview.

GVK: How did the idea for the game come about and what can you tell us about what has changed since you obtained the game from Perpetual?

CZ: The Star Trek Universe is an obvious choice for an MMO. It has a incredibly deep, rich history with forty years of fantastic stories to draw upon, and one of the most vocal and loyal fanbases of any intellectual property.

When we received the license for the game, we started from scratch. Perpetual had a lot of concept art, and we're using some of that. But in terms of game design and in-game assets, we're creating all of it. If you were given the chance to create a game in the Star Trek Universe, could you resist the temptation to come up with your own vision? We couldn't."

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