Big Download: Heroes Over Europe Hands-on

For those of you who have attempted to play a realistic flight simulator but have crashed and burned without ever getting your plane off the runway, Transmission Games, the developer of Heroes Over Europe, salutes you. Billed as an arcade flight sim with "action dog-fighting," Heroes Over Europe is for gamers who simply want to fly the unfriendly skies with guns blazing and rockets blasting instead of flying commercial flights from one airport to the next.

Heroes Over Europe features over 40 planes, each with different statistics that affect your damage, weight, and handling. As expected, lighter planes respond quicker and are more maneuverable, but don't do as much damage as the huskier heavy-hitters. Such differences certainly aren't unique to Heroes Over Europe, but it is all too common to play an arcade flight sim that doesn't have much in the way of selection, thereby putting players who want a nice blend of speed and power. Thanks to Heroes' impressive aircraft selection, every player should be able to find a plane that suits their particular taste.

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