OC ModShop: Left 4 Dead Review

OC ModShop writes: "Do you know how long I've been waiting for a game like this? A game where no matter how many times you play it you never know what is going to happen next? I tell you, as a lover of games I am excited. As a lover of zombies, I have reached a state of nirvana.

Left 4 Dead is the latest PC horror survival game from those beautiful people at Valve. You can pick as one of four survivors trying to make it back to (living) civilization before you are killed by hordes, nay armies, of the living dead. And these bastards are very realistic. You remember the last remake of Dawn of the Dead, how the zombies all took off like marathon runners? Just picture that, but with a few mutations and a strange sense of intelligence. It's almost like these guys aren't even scripted. But with Valve's A.I. Director, basically the game thinks for itself. Changing the gameplay according to your actions. It's a beautiful thing."

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