IGN: Sonic Unleashed Review & Video Review

Sonic Team couldn't leave well enough alone and just accept a three-hour game with some decent replay value. Instead, they tossed in one of the dumbest "twists" in the history of gaming. A werehog? Really? Stretchy arms? Did anyone actually believe this was going to be fun? Gone are any elements of speed, replaced with mindless and poorly designed brawling segments with some terrible platforming sections. Sonic deserves better. More importantly, gamers deserve better.

Presentation - 5.0
Graphics - 6.5
Sound - 6.0
Gameplay - 5.0
Lasting Appeal - 4.0
Overall -

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pwnsause3698d ago

SOnic is Dead :'(

Seriously someone should take this IP away from Sega before they keep on beating it even more. Sonic was all about speed. But now they turned it into a turd. WareHog!? WTF?? i want SONIC Back SEGA!!!! did you forget about the first SONIC GAME!!!!! ***GETS SO PISSED THAT HE STARTS BREAKING GLASS TO TAKE HIS ANGER OUT!!!!***

San anto3698d ago

Ye id have to say hes pretty much dead in 3D.

Jamegohanssj53698d ago

YES YES YES YES! WOOT! I knew it! FLOP! 4.5 SERIOUS BUSINESS! Sonic is finally history.


MK_Red3698d ago

Tropic Thunder FTW! Awesome article title. Sad to see Sega betray fans yet again.

SullyDrake3698d ago

I'd rather spend $60 on Alone In The Dark Inferno if I was to choose between turds.

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