Looking Back to 2016 with the Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster - Origins of Evil

Darren writes: "I view Resident Evil Zero and the 2016 Remaster as a bit of an oddity in the series, the black sheep if you will. It tried something a bit different, and in the end did so with limited success."

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AriesBear249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

everything about the game is great except for the inventory system. You literally spend half the game managing your inventory. And You have to leave your stuff like on the floor and remember where you put it. It's nothing like the inventory in any other resident Evil game It's cumbersome and highly annoying.
If you can get past that it's a cool game with gorgeous graphics

NapalmSanctuary248d ago

yeah, the inventory system just destroys the game's flow. Especially on the first playthrough where you don't know what you're going to need to keep close by in any given area.

AriesBear248d ago

It's all trial and error but pushed to the limit. That's literally the only thing that holds the game back. But damn it is beautiful.