The Shapeshifter for Game Boy and NES, has reached it's first stretch goal in just 12 hours

The funding campaign to create the new fantasy adventure The Shapeshifter for Nintendo Game Boy and NES, now live on Kickstarter, has reached it’s first stretch goal in just 12 hours.

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Dabigsiebowski37d ago

We need more games developed for older consoles. They are more than capable of being relevant and fun still.

Kados37d ago

IMO most low budget indie games should be made as physical releases for older cartridge systems like the NES, SNES, Genesis & N64. That way they can feel like AAA games, while still being affordable for smaller indie devs. It would even allow them to charge a bit more for the game than they otherwise would be able to, as there is collectors value in the carts. Maybe some devs could partner with LRG for retro physicals.

37d ago
UltimateOwnage35d ago

This looks like a really cool game. I hope they make it to the NES stretch goal. I supported the project, since I have had a few others like it make it through to success and deliver a cart and it always feels pretty cool to pop a brand new title into some of my favorite classic consoles. If they keep making games for them, I’ll keep supporting them.