Hitman 3 on PC May Just Be the Best Way to Play Agent 47’s Latest Adventure

IGN India says: “If you’re looking at Hitman 3 and have a relatively modern gaming PC, the PC release might just be the way to go.”

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TheRealTedCruz38d ago

If you have a solid PC, it's literally always going to be the best way to play 3rd party titles.

Barring poor ports.

Abnor_Mal38d ago

For me, the best way to play will be in VR. Unfortunately that option is not available on PC.

Neonridr38d ago

such a shame, I'd love to be able to see this game in VR at its best. No offense to PSVR of course, but I'm not digging the control schemes and next to my Index, the resolution can be a bit of a drag.

Abnor_Mal38d ago

Oh of course playing the game on PCVR would net the best results, but as it stand right now it is unavailable and PSVR is the only way with its lesser graphical capabilities.

Hopefully the exclusivity of VR is only for a few months to a year.

ocelot0738d ago

Am sure it will be. I don't have psvr anymore as I simply don't have the space where my ps5 is and it's so annoying as I miss playing a fair few psvr titles. This one is one I am really gutted I'll be missing out on for the time being.

I recently got a Quest 2 and it's how I hope the next PSVR is going to work. Inside out tracking that works so well on the quest 2.

I also love that if I simply want to play pc vr games. I can do it wirelessly via virtual desktop. Or connect it to my pc via a usb c cable.

I am hoping that's why the PS5 has a USB C port on the front of the console. Just like the quest 2 all it takes is simply connecting the vr headset to the console via a single usb c connection.

Abnor_Mal38d ago

I've been really thinking about getting a Quest/2 as I'm trying to move away from console gaming and into the vr space fully. From what I've seen the Quest has a few games I would like to play. Athough I think that people make a very big deal out the PSVR wire, it is not intrusive like many say, nor is it tiring to hook up. I switch two hdmi wires and plug the headset into the breakout box.

The ability to use the Quest anywhere is a major draw, along with the more precise controllers. Unfortunately I don't have a clue yet of how to order one or how much they cost.

Neonridr38d ago

@Abnor_Mal - I have a PSVR v1, so I had to rig up a separate way in order to still have HDR gaming via my PS4 Pro at the time. Needed an HDMI switch so I could swap the output depending on if I was playing VR or just the regular console. Wasn't terrible, but now with the PS5 it's even worse considering there are no HDMI switches available yet that support 4k/120 in order to achieve the same results. I would literally have to unplug and replug in HDMI cables and that's a pain in the ass in my entertainment unit, or use the same hdmi switch but then lose out on potential 4k/120 support via my PS5 to my TV. The wire isn't terrible, but once you go wireless you will appreciate the freedom.

Abnor_Mal38d ago

@Neonridr I also have the PSVR v1 and do similar when I want to play. I have to switch out the two hdmi from the gold 4k hdr hdmi which is plugged in all the time, but when I'm ready to use the vr I have to unplug it from the TV and plug in a standard hdmi. The gold hdmi is still plugged into the back of the system and I place that cord behind the TV until I'm ready to plug it back in. The regular hdmi is always plugged into the break out box and the other end sits dangling behind the TV until im ready to plug it in.

I just have a TV stand that looks more like a credenza, so the TV just sit atop it. There's no cubbies or anything else to get in the way of plugging and unplugging wires and takes at best ten seconds to connect all wires.

The hdmi switch you speak of is something that I'm going to need soon as a way to have my PS4 and PS3 to be able to use the same port on the TV, while the PS5, which I don't have yet, uses its own dedicated hdmi port. So im going to have to look into getting one of those, will check Amazon. I also need the adapter part for the camera, I didnt jump on it at the time when it was making its rounds in various articles. Hopefully Sony are still giving them away and I won't have to pay for it.

ocelot0738d ago

@Abnor_Mal Quest 2 start from £299 it's worth the investment. Being able to use it standalone as well as a pc vr is great.

Psvr is great and I miss it. My issue is my TV cabinet. I currently have my external hard drive connected to the back. If I wanted to connect the psvr up to it. I need to use a psvr camera adapter so there goes 2 usb ports on the back of the ps5. Then I still have to connect the psvr box which would have to be at the front. Which would then leave me a untidy setup and a usb c port left which would have to be for my wireless headset. Then I'll have to swap something in and out to charge my controller.

So I'm just going to wait for psvr2 and hope it's a simple setup as quest 2. Just s one cable connection into usb c port.

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ProjectVulcan38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

It's one of the better VR experiences but definitely not the best way to play this game currently. Games that have been 'converted' to VR rarely work flawlessly and this is no exception. It provides nice viewpoints and immersion but actually taking actions is difficult, doesn't work very well and it a source of frustration. Lots of graphics cut backs on Playstation as well, which is unsurprising.

Much rather play the way the game was intended to be played, dedicated VR games are going to be a better avenue and use of time.

Abnor_Mal38d ago

I respect your opinion on the game and your idea of thr best way to play. For me its vr because as I've said before I've been getting really bored of flat screen gaming regardless of resolution and high framerates. As you said vr provides nice viewpoints and immersion, and thats what I'm looking for to be transported into the game world instead of just being on the outside looking in through a window of sorts.

Agreed games converted to work in vr are rarely flawless, but its not like the vr was created later as an add on and most likely worked on in the same time as the standard. Now I have to ask, what so far does not work well as far as taking action. How is it difficult.

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Father__Merrin38d ago

Best way to play is what ever platform you have. Personally I've played through HM 1 and 2 on PC as price goes really low £10.99 etc after a while

Mindshift38d ago

Do they even know about state share feature for Stadia?

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