Xazz.Info: Far Cry 2 Review

Xazz.Info writes: "Ubisoft's latest game, Far Cry 2, finally hit shelves 10/21/2008 for a simultaneous release on the 360, PS3, and PC platforms. The long awaited shooter gives players the choice of how to tackle their missions and progress through the game. Supported by a magnificent lighting engine and dunia engine, Far Cry 2 tries to make this world as real as possible. This is truly an African safari setting delivering a stunning, yet unforgiving, world. Does this shooter stand a chance against all the other big guns coming out this holiday season, or will it fall short of Santa's list this winter."

Good Points

- Free Roaming Is Fun
- Unique Concept
- Interesting Weapons

Bad Points

- Too Much Driving
- Repetitive Missions
- Bad Enemy AI

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