Bloodborne to Receive a Fan-Made “Demake” for PSX

Twitter user Lilymeister creating Bloodborne "demake" for PSX amid an increasing lack of news on the much loved IP from enigmatic OG developer From Software. Whilst it might not be Bloodborne Kart, first impressions prove this is fan service of the highest calibre.

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Piggeroni45d ago

I get the point of making something better, or 2D into 3D and vice versa, but this is stupid

RazzerRedux45d ago

It isn't stupid to those who love retro styled games. To them, that is making it "better".

TheRealTedCruz45d ago

Look at how well all these retro shooters are doing on PC/console.
Sometimes people just want to delve into new nostalgia.

RazzerRedux45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Yep. Dusk and Prodeus have been extremely well received. These games are a labor of love for the style and yeah, definitely the nostalgia.

Olly_S45d ago

A LOT of people love this game, and this style. I for one am fan, and wish them well!

Rambokind45d ago

There are those who enjoy these kinds of games; don't be so insular

AnotherGamer45d ago

Why is it stupid? A lot of people love ps1 graphics style.

Blade9244d ago

You definitely don't speak for the rest of us...To each his own but just stay in your corner.

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45d ago
RyanShutup45d ago

We already have this ... it's called "Nightmare Creatures"

Welshy45d ago

Yes, this!

None of my friends remember Nightmare Creatures, but it's one of my favourite PS1 games outside of MGS and Croc.

NapalmSanctuary45d ago

I remember it. I still own NC1&2 on ps1. The real question is: who remembers Alundra?

Abnor_Mal45d ago

Oh man, I was going to post the sane, but decided to read the comments first lol.