Players without sight can Platinum The Last of Us Part 2 - a look back at accessibility in 2020

From Eurogamer: "2020. What a year? Nobody had 20/20 vision of our future, as reality transformed into a game and games stepped up to help us deal with that reality. That's true next-gen immersion.

Let me take you on an investigative journey backwards through 2020 using my trusty game accessibility magnifier lens. 2020 was undoubtedly the greatest year for the gaming accessibility community since the release of the Xbox Adaptive Controller in 2018."

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rockwhynot90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Actually a ton of people knew covid was going to happen and they knew/know how to crush it easily and swiftly like Bolivia did. The reason why we all failed at stopping covid from getting so out of hand is because the forces of evil are strong and many. So much so that great knowledge and noteworthy power is not enough to stand in their way. Both amazing knowledge AND amazing ability is needed to accomplish the illustrious triple W. The Win-Win-Win. Win for you, win for me, win for everybody.

Genuine-User90d ago

Don’t worry, the cordycep are parasitic mainly on insects. You’re safe. lol

SullysCigar90d ago

Anyone else think of TLOU (where Joel and Tess move through the quarantine zone) when they see DC right now? Wtf...

zumlauf1490d ago

Waiting for the "that's not fair" comment. Well, being blind ain't fair..

Magog90d ago

Anyone can enable those options so it's perfectly fair.

BrainSyphoned90d ago

Waiting to be offended, how original.

anast90d ago

One of the most accessible games out there. Well done by Naughty Dog.

Snookies1290d ago

In the console space at least, I haven't seen any game match Last of Us 2 in accessibility options. (Not too sure about PC games, as there are way too many games that fly under the radar.) I didn't personally use any of the accessibility features, but I was astonished by how in-depth it was. They went that extra mile with everything, and it's just amazing that they put so much care into it.

Genuine-User90d ago

It was the most accessible game release in 2020.

BandarHub90d ago

I wonder if the need to account for accessibility resulted in the game being too easy.
I breezed through the game. What made the first game great was overcoming the hard obstacles

Snookies1290d ago

That's why they have difficulty options though. This series really does shine when played at higher difficulties.

potatoseal89d ago

I played on the hardest difficulty possible and it was a great challenge and made the game more fun. Every bit of ammo counts.