Game Focus: Skate It Review

Game Focus writes: "Whatever you like the sport or not, skateboarding has made us fantasize at least once in our lifes. People like Bucky Lasek, Steve Caballero and of course Tony Hawk popularized it to levels no one ever expected. After a few Tony Hawk games, the skateboarding genre saw a new franchise arise: Skate from Electronic Arts. And while the first game was well received, the fans of the series have been waiting for the real deal: a skateboarding game with motion controls. This is where Skate It, the first skateboarding game on the Nintendo Wii, sets its feet and once again, we can say that the skateboarding videogame genre will attain a new level of popularity."


+ Diversified control scheme
+ Very extensive career mode
+ Environmental sounds
+ Nice character and skateboard customization
+ Graphics are okay but not great


- Balance Board control scheme isn't always responsive and precise
- Steep learning curve
- Voice-over isn't great
- Environments are dull and lifeless

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