God of War’s fantastic, yet unreliable, map

Nevada Dru, of Bits & Pieces, explores how God of War's map elevates its overall experience.

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potatoseal155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

I believe the map is designed in a way to be vague. It wants to point you in the right direction, but it wants you to explore and find the door or opening where you need to go for yourself.

Neodyminium155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Hey, that's entirely my point that it's purposefully vague. It's not a negative article :)

toxic-inferno154d ago

Great article! Don't know why you're getting so many downvotes!

I particularly like the art style of the map in God of War - it almost has a hand-crafted feel to it, yet the stark colours really make it come alive. It always reminded me of the Game of Thrones title sequence, and opening the map gave me a similar sense of excitement as those titles gave me at the start of every episode.

qalpha154d ago

Not sure why the downvotes, either, other than 'unreliable' has a decidedly negative connotation. Vague, like potatoseal used, is a much better way to describe it.

B_Rian89155d ago

I wish Ghost of Tsushima took this approach instead the repetitive Assassin's Creed style exploration.

VerminSC155d ago

You know a game is good when an article comes out years later nitpicking the map.
The ONLY flaw i saw in GOW was the small text that they fixed pretty early on.

fonduktoe155d ago

Actually read the article buddy. It's not nitpicking but actually praising the map feature.