Kena fuses AAA production value with endless indie charm for a jaw-dropping PlayStation adventure

Ember Lab's first game is a wondrous dive into a cultural space that games have barely scratched the surface of until now.

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Jin_Sakai38d ago

This is my most looked forward to PS5 game. We need new IP. Really hope it does well.

VerminSC38d ago

Wish more companies would take risks and make new IPs... although, I can’t wait for GOW Ragnarok.

Still can’t WAIT for this game, hope it lives up to expectations

37d ago
lelo2play37d ago

"PlayStation adventure"

It will be on PC... and later on other consoles (console timed exclusive).

potatoseal37d ago

Just like The Medium, The Ascent and probably Scorn and others too. Both consoles have a few timed exclusives. It's part of the business now.

gamer780437d ago

This game looks great. Just FYI to those who don’t have a ps5 it’s a timed exclusive you can enjoy it eventually.

potatoseal37d ago

It's coming to PS4 and PC.

No need to wait for 'timed'

gamer780437d ago

@potato. That’s kinda what I said but pc might be a bit after ps4 ps5 release, so if you don’t have a PlayStation console it will come to pc and Xbox later if you have a Microsoft box of some kind.

potatoseal37d ago

@ gamer.

No. You said, 'if you don't have a ps5'.

You said nothing about PS4. Someone that is not 'in the know' might think you were talking about a 'PS5 console exclusive', meaning they would have to wait to play it. So if some person has a PS4 and didn't know, they might think what you said meant they couldn't play it.

StormSnooper37d ago

It’s available on all PlayStations.

DJStotty37d ago

"It’s available on all PlayStations."

Jim ryan : "we believe in generations"

Course you do Jim, of course you do.

gamer780437d ago

@potatoe “kinda what I said”. Meaning if you don’t have a PlayStation console you can play on Xbox when the timed exclusivity is up. Yes I know it’s coming to ps4 I should have just said you won’t need a PlayStation console..

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Muzikguy37d ago

If I can ever get a PS5 I think this will be my first game.

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masterfox38d ago

Indeed it looks gorgeous, and the gameplay looks great too, would be nice to see some gameplay since the release date is not that far away.

potatoseal38d ago

I'll be getting this game on day 1 for sure. It's always had my atention since I first saw the trailer. Looks like a really fun time.


Sony as always delivering games, not promises.

JustTheFax38d ago

It's not a sony game, it is a temporary exclusive. I look forward to getting it on pc though!

phoenixwing38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Definitely will be buying it on pc

Nyxus38d ago

Definitely will not be getting it on PC!

warriorcase37d ago

What's with the smooth brains down voting people just because they aren't getting the playstation version. It's the same game.

ILostMyMind37d ago

Ask people who are down voting Nyxus for not getting this game on the PC.

warriorcase37d ago

There's a difference to saying "I will get it on pc/ps5" compared to "I will not be getting it on pc/ps5".

Like I said, it's the same game supporting the same developer regardless of where you buy it. I'm gonna assume it's just downvotes from some odd playstation fandom. I love my PS5 a lot but this site has a lot of fanboy weirdos on all sides.

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