Kotaku: Prince Of Persia Review

Despite the overwhelming success of the first trilogy, Ubisoft went back to the drawing board to bring an entirely new Prince of Persia experience to the current generation of consoles.

The new Prince of Persia marks a total revamp of the beloved franchise that has enchanted millions of players since the debut of the original game back in 1989. Lost in a mysterious sandstorm, a nameless adventurer accidentally stumbles upon a legendary city threatened by the release of a dark god from ages past. Teaming up with a mysterious, magic-wielding woman named Elika, our hero sets off on a quest to keep the dark god from gaining its freedom and wrecking havoc on the world.

Was wiping the slate clean the right move for Ubisoft, or does the new Prince of Persia leave Kotaku wishing they could go back in time?

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bomboclaat_gamer3704d ago

got this today. beautiful game. but i keep doing the same things over and over. i hope there is more to this game

MegaMohsi3704d ago

damn gamestop isnt getting this until tomorrow!

Serjikal_Strike3704d ago

as good as the reviews are saying?

bomboclaat_gamer3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

yea its very good. i only play it for an hour at a time tho lol. all i do is jump on poles n climb walls and kill some monsters to make some grass grow lol

u cant die by falling, the girl always help u. it feels too easy and unrewarding

street dates always get broken