Call of the Sea Runs at 1440p On Xbox Series X, Dynamic 1080p On Series S at 60 FPS

Call of the Sea is out now for Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X and this appears to be a rather demanding game that runs at 1440p on Series X.

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Mcardle189d ago

Really enjoyed this game, a few of the puzzles took a minute to figure out but otherwise was just a great experience and a great start from a new studio.

nirwanda189d ago

I enjoyed it but got stuck , puzzles are good, frame rate was not but I did play at launch

green189d ago

This was just one of those one in a million first-person games that made me feel sick while playing. I got to the island, open the gate and just could not play anymore, unfortunately. It really look like a game that I would enjoy.

Minute Man 721189d ago

Half-Life 2 gave me motion sickness, that's about it

189d ago
Atom666189d ago

"Took a minute to figure out"

I'm not embarrassed to admit I got stuck quite a bit on some puzzles. But it was worth the struggle. Really surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

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waverider189d ago

Why does this game runs with such a low rez with last gen graphics. I cant really understand.that.

Orchard189d ago

Simple - optimization is on the developer, not Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo - and not all developers are created equal.

FlavorLav01189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Not when MS owns the studio, I’m sure they had plenty to say about how long the game “stayed in the oven”. No excuses for the “worlds most powerful console”, a non-photorealistic last-gen game like this should be playing at 4k60 on the X, and then maybe 1440p on the S...

Atom666189d ago


Wrong game and wrong studio.

Orchard189d ago


Microsoft are not the developer nor publisher of this game...

--Onilink--189d ago


What are you talking about? This is an indie developer....MS doesnt own them.

Not only that, its their first game

InUrFoxHole189d ago

.... You're special!

FlavorLav01188d ago

Humble apologies for my comment below. Wrote too quickly thinking this article was in regards to Sea of Thieves by Rare.

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ProjectVulcan189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

A GTX1080 has no trouble whatsoever with this game on Epic settings, 1440p and runs 70FPS+ (while recording!)

A GTX1070 would basically do what Series X is doing on this game.

I would say disappointing performance from Series X in comparison to only a GTX1080, equivalent to an RTX2060.

Atom666189d ago

I'd cut Raw Fury a break. They're small and this was pretty ambious compared to their prior stuff.

thornintheside189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

"A GTX1080 has no trouble whatsoever ..."

and even less so when cooled by:
KRAKEN G12 + CORSAIR H80i v2 PUSH/PULL CONFIGURATION(water cooling, for the non tech's)

ProjectVulcan189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

I'm not sure what your point is about the cooling. The clock speed is visible- 2063MHz and 5500MHz on the memory.

Standard memory on the later cards, and a core speed about 150Mhz higher than a standard Founder's Edition reference air cooled card. They sit at about 1900MHz, with an Nvidia maximum of 1911MHz. So that's a core speed about 8 percent higher than reference. Woopty doo. Probably 3/4 of the partner cards that were sold do that out the box. An FE can do that on air.

2063Mhz is just a run of the mill average core clock speed for literally any 1080 you care to use, speaking from experience. here 2088MHz core on an FE was achieved.

So, the question is, what exactly is your point? That this example is maybe 5-10 percent faster than a bone stock GTX1080 while also losing that much by recording the video?

GTX1080 whatever the model, whatever the cooling, clearly will have no trouble whatsoever....

thornintheside189d ago

I'm actually pretty sure the GTX1080 has no problem with running this game,
but you come across as someone who is deperate to bash consoles.

You describe the card as, and I quote: "only a GTX1080",
You skip the water cooling and the overclocking as well,
suddenly you focus on a Founders Edition version and some results that a site called anandtech managed to *Congrats Anandtech?*, I guess.
When I google "GTX1080 frequency", the result "1607 MHz" comes up. I'm not sure how adding 8% to 1607 ends up at 1900, my calculator must be broken.

And why did you come with this comparison in the first place, the two pieces of hardware use completely different architectures.

supraman21189d ago

Imagine how disappointing the PS5 would be then

Destiny1080189d ago

1440p and dropping frames with a game that looks like it could be running on a PS3

SirBruce189d ago

Xbox Series S is a joke... Xbox One X was a far better option as console, BD player, machine... everything.

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