Most Anticipated Game of 2021

VGChartz's Kelsy Polnik: "New years always bring exciting new possibilities and games to look forward to. 2021 is not just a new year, but coincides with the start of a whole new generation of consoles and new games that promise to look better, load faster, and push boundaries further than ever before. It will be year when developers need prove to us why we need to invest in those new consoles. Beyond that, all five of our nominees are also from fan favorite franchises and have a strong lineage to live up to."

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coolbeans43d ago

Did that receive a confirmed launch window of 2021?

deafdani43d ago

Not even close. We don't even know the name of the game, we've only seen one cinematic trailer and that's all.

dreamoner43d ago

Starfield this year, maybe?

Kason3543d ago

The new Halo and Gow and Outriders Im looking forward too