Sure, You Can Justify Another Nintendo Switch Console

It's time to come up with all the reasons to buy a new Nintendo Switch.

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potatoseal47d ago

I just really to know about their NEW Switch pro upgrade that is rumored to be in the works. If it has at least dynamic 4k when it's docked, then I'm going to buy it. Fully BC of course with patches for their hit games to have 4k upscaling.

Acecalibur47d ago

Fire Emblem, Smash, Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart and Marvel 3.

Knightofelemia47d ago

Sheer collector value on this machine alone warrants a purchase themed based consoles are fun to brag about and look good sitting on a shelf like a trophy piece. Or in other peoples point of view like a scalper leave it in the box unopened for so many years then fire it off on Ebay for a stupid price. Personally I like the collectors aspect behind themed based consoles.

Smbnokc8747d ago

At least they're still in stock more so than new gen systems.

instantstupor47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I mean, I personally can't. The Switch is in a weird position if you're a multiplatform gamer. My Switch has been sadly underutilized since its 2017 purchase. Had some good times early with Odyssey & M+R:KB, but not much else after that has really interested me. Or at least enough to stump up $60, as their titles rarely - if ever - go on meaningful sale. I did enjoy FE:3H for about 30 hours before I burned out on it, but precious little outside those titles.

I loved BotW on Wii U and Odyssey on Switch, but they released over 3 years ago - BotW even launching right alongside the Switch. Nintendo hasn't released any other games in the last 3-4 years that have come close to matching the scope or ambition of those games. Not to mention the handful of games they showed title cards for that we haven't even seen trailers for 3-4 years after they were teased. And the console itself remains largely unchanged all these years later, Nintendo refusing to give us any new meaningful features (or even rock-bottom basic ones, like folders).

I like it OK as a handheld, but the value on multiplatform games isn't there (more expensive, least technically capable versions), and the content they release is just not where I thought it'd be. I really expected I'd get less Wii U ports, and more truly excellent games like Odyssey/BotW. Got more enjoyment from my Wii U, which feels weird to say given its relative failure. A paint swap is not enough to get another $300 out of me. A better screen/JoyCons/SoC would get me closer, but there's more about the content they'd need to change for me to justify another Switch purchase.

Neonridr47d ago

that's cool, not all systems are for everyone. It's ok to have differing opinions. I have too many games to count on my Switch and have had countless hours with it. But for my multiplatform titles I usually stick to PC or PS5. I tend to get the exclusives / indies on my Switch.

Outlawzz47d ago

I use my switch for the multiplat and exclusives. Got tons to play on it. It's definitely been used more than my ps4 solely because of the portability. It would be cool to get another great open world so I'm with you on that one.

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