5 PS5 features I wish were on Xbox Series X

Adam.V writes "The Xbox Series X is a terrific console, but there are some PS5 features that I really miss whenever I boot up Microsoft’s diminutive tower of power. Some are minor, I’ll admit, and would ultimately be nice to have. Others, though, feel almost essential – and would only serve to improve the Xbox Series X experience as a whole."

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Neonridr45d ago

3 of those features would be extremely easy to incorporate. As for the other 2, MS would just have to come up with a new controller. And having seen the success of the Dualsense I would have to imagine MS will be looking at making their own version of it at some point.

UltraNova45d ago

" MS will be looking at making their own version of it at some point."

Haven't they already sent out a survey to xbox owners asking them which Dualsense features they'd like to see?

I'm sure MS knows by now that a significant evolution of their controllers is overdue.

purple10145d ago (Edited 45d ago )

how much will microsoft pay sony in royalties,

after already paying them 6.50 per bluray drive, (also in any product, not just xbox)

now they will pay them (im sure) for licencing the dualsense triggers,
(you cant patent haptics as thats already in loads of products)

will workout evens after sony pay them for there azure servers . haha

DJStotty45d ago

"Haven't they already sent out a survey to xbox owners"

Nope, i have not had one

DJStotty45d ago (Edited 45d ago )


"how much will microsoft pay sony in royalties"

If they create their own solution, nothing. The only way Sony get "royalties" is if Sony's patented technology is utilised.

DJStotty45d ago (Edited 45d ago )


I never said some have not got them, the question was "xbox owners" not "some xbox owners".

I took the question as asking whether all xbox owners had received the survey, hence my response that i have not, therefore they have only sent the survey to "some" xbox owners and not all.

As per the article :

"According to a new report from TechRadar, a survey heading out to Xbox Series X|S owners is sneaking in some awfully specific questions among the generic survey questions we all expect."

So the survey has not headed out? And windowscentral is nothing to do with Microsoft.

I will see if the survey is on my system as i am in the xbox ambassador and preview program.

--Onilink--45d ago


You do understand that Sony didnt invent a lot of this technology? Their haptic feedback is even from the same company that did the Joy Con’s HD rumble and yet Sony isnt paying Nintendo anything.

They all have to patent a specific implementation of their controllers, but it doesnt mean that all the technology inside them belongs to them

someone7245d ago (Edited 45d ago )

@purple101 - Sony is one of several companies in the bluray alliance, and bluray itself uses MS codecs as part of the format.

Id say they probably pay little to nothing in the form of royalties for the use of bluray. (MS played both sides of the hd-dvd war)

Neonridr45d ago

for sure. They are comfortable, but lacking in features no doubt.

RazzerRedux45d ago


lol.....I can't believe you went into full defense mode because I posted a link about the survey.

Nah....actually, I can.

GamerRN45d ago

I'm happy with Quick Resume enough to not miss these. But then again, I have both systems and get to enjoy best of both worlds...

So stop the arguing and just get the other one

Darkborn44d ago

They should have updated their controllers last gen, but microsoft enjoys being in third place all the time.

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Futureshark45d ago

I imagine as you say a whole new controller design would be be needed.
The current asymmetrical thumbstick layout means that the left trigger would not have the room required for the haptic feedback mechanism, so MS would have to follow Sony and produce both thumbsticks lower.

However this would go down with the Xbox community like a lead balloon I expect, as the asymmetrical thumbsticks are one of the defining features of the Xbox brand.

MS are now damned in the do (change brand image thumbstick layout and upset the hardcore) or damned if they don't (no haptic left trigger).

Neonridr45d ago

I am sure they could still keep the configuration and incorporate it. Technology is always advancing.

StoneyYoshi45d ago

You, nor do any of us know if it's possible or not. You are just assuming based off of Sony's implementation and the current design on the XB controller. They pay people to figure this kind of stuff out... Im sure they might need to change the size/shape of the controller or maybe just the height of the controller. Switching thumbstick locations cant be the only way to implement such a thing.

And if you really look at how the XB controller is setup, there should be no reason for the joystick to be moved considering the trigger system can be soldered to the back of the board while the joystick is currently soldered to the front of the board. Honestly it wouldn't be a bad thing to make the XB controller a little thicker which might be the most they would have to do with the design. They managed to fit a rumble system into the triggers so I think this could definitely be possible.

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Dragonscale45d ago

Dunno bout that. Seems improving their line-up should be a higher priority. Anyhow ms would have to aknowledge their controller is inferior before even considering improving theirs. Good luck with that.

Neonridr45d ago

that's why I said that 3 of them would be super easy since it's literally adding a feature in the software. The controller would be a different beast.

DJStotty45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

"3. Mute the TV when using a headset"

Troubling times when one of the most requested features, is the ability to not have to press 1 button on your TV remote.

"5. Home menu music"

As a gamer, i do not spend enough time on the home screen to warrant playing music, that is what youtube and spotify are for.

1, and 4 i will agree with

Neonridr45d ago

I agree that some are silly. Maybe a bonus down the road, but hardly a deal breaker.

BLAKHOODe45d ago

I actually hate that the TV is completely muted when I use my headset when playing PS5. Sometimes, for whatever reason, I have to take my headset off, plus my kid likes to watch me play and can't hear anything going on. So, I'd like the option to make sounds come out of the headset AND TV.

StoneyYoshi45d ago

So you don't agree with #2? Is that in the same boat as #3?

"Troubling times when one of the most requested features, is the ability to not have to press 1 button on your TV remote."

Do you not accept convenience as a feature?

DJStotty44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Universal system settings?

No i just select the difficulty when i am playing the game, i play certain games on different difficulty settings so i do not have universal settings.

I also do not use universal controller setups.

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RickRoland45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I would actually anticipate that when I plug in a headset the main source audio automatically mutes. I think it's absolutely a convenience feature that should be in a system in 2020....and it simply doesn't make sense that the audio would still blare out of the tv for two reasons: 1) Who needs to hear it from the tv, that's why the headphones have been put on..... and 2) TV audio gets heard through headsets in party chats. Not sure why you would downplay this. Can you just grab the remote and mute it? Sure.... but the point is you shouldn't have to.

DJStotty44d ago

I can only speak for me and friends, and not once have i heard about anyone wanting to mute their TV.

We use the headsets for party chat, chatting with friends/other gamers all with game audio through the TV, and sometimes through the headset with TB etc.

I personally have the game audio through the TV, party chat through the headset, it is just a personal preference, no need for everyone to get so mad.

There is a reason why this feature is not a highly requested feature on the xbox forums, if xbox gamers wanted it, it would be on there.

If xbox gamers want this, get it on there.

Kilua44d ago

"Troubling times when one of the most requested features, is the ability to not have to press 1 button on your TV remote." - O is it now? Troubling times for Sony? What are they to do with all this xbox domination am i right?

DJStotty44d ago

You clearly misunderstood the sentence, it was a generic statement in other words to say there are much more important things in today's world.

Nothing to do with Sony, don't jump on the line when there is no bait.

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someone7245d ago

I went into this thinking Id disagree with all of them, and came out agreeing with all of them.

1,3 - Adaptive and Haptic feedback I see as the same. Both would be greatly welcomed, but require a hardware update. Maybe in the elite 3 controller? I know id pay for it.

2 - Universal settings are nice. Doesnt really impact me much, since i almost always use default settings aside from a difficulty change to easy, which usually comes up anyway.

4 - Muted volume with headphones is a choice. It certainly makes sense for most situations, but what if your playing an online mp game with others in the room as well. Then it makes more sense to have just a pair of headphones but centralized music. Still a good idea for most cases, and honestly, universal settings may fix this too.

5 - Home menu music, definitely a plus. I miss my themes from ps4, the one thing i liked about the ps4 os.

Ill add one as well, activity cards. I enjoy them quite a bit. The concept of individual challenges in an instant is nice.

StoneyYoshi45d ago

"2 - Universal settings are nice. Doesn't really impact me much, since i almost always use default settings aside from a difficulty change to easy, which usually comes up anyway."

Pretty sure it already skips that step if you have it preset. But I agree its not very impactful.

InklingGirl45d ago

None of these features I care about, I can change my settings in each game it only take minutes stop being lazy.

If they want to introduce a new controller with these features awesome but I have no care for those features.

StoneyYoshi45d ago

"None of these features I care about, I can change my settings in each game it only take minutes stop being lazy."

Which is why some people don't care about quick resume.

DJStotty44d ago

Which is why Sony fans don't care about quick resume.

Fixed it for you Yoshi

DJStotty44d ago


Sure i would not mind adaptive triggers in the controller etc, i don't use universal settings, and i want the audio through my TV when playing games.

It's all personal choice

RedDevils44d ago

That because you don't have the option, of course you don't use it lol. All devices allow audio through it TV when playing games, it just if you want it through your it or not.

iplay1up245d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Quick resume for Series X tops all of those (accept the new PS5 controller). I can switch from Watchdog Legions, to Assassins Creed Valhalla, to Gears 5, etc in seconds, and be right where I left off. So far up to 5 games, I have done this with! Hands down my favorite Series X feature.

Muzikguy45d ago

That's the least needed feature. I only play one maybe 2 games at a time

RedDevils44d ago

And I can turn on any games without quick resume in seconds.

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