EA’s Loss of Star Wars Exclusivity Rights Gives The Franchise's Gaming Stance A New Hope

This past week, Lucasfilm surprisingly announced a new dedicated gaming division for the company under the name “Lucasfilm Games” that would oversee all of their digital entertainment projects and collaborations in the coming future.

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CaptainFaisal40d ago

I see what you did there with the title :)

rockwhynot39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I won't buy any new products EA publishes until 2090 earliest.

DaReapa39d ago

Would be nice to see EA lose the NFL exclusivity rights, too.

cyclindk39d ago

How this ever suits anybody is beyond me, squandered. Keep it open for many to develop. Competition and variety.

Kabaneri39d ago

While Ubisoft is more consistent than EA, their games are even less inspired. The Far Cry formula they use for every game is getting really stale.

porkChop39d ago

It isn't a Far Cry formula. It started with AC. But yes, it's definitely stale. Their games have become far too formulaic.

They need each franchise to have its own unique structure and gameplay loop. They all currently play and feel largely the same.

So they're dealing not only with open world fatigue, but also an overall fatigue because their games are all so similar.

GameZenith39d ago

Why do people keep referencing Ubisoft? They are not the sole publishers/developers of Star Wars games the same way EA was. They are just one of many non EA developers that will now get their opportunity at a Star Wars games. It just happens that Ubisoft is the first announced game but there will he many more that are not from Ubisoft.

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