Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War U Bahn Map Gameplay

Skewed and Reviewed posted look at the U-Bahn map in action.

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Jin_Sakai46d ago

This was painful to watch.

Garethvk46d ago

Learning as I went, scored double digit frags, and we won so I would say that was a successful round.

dmbatty46d ago

Absolutely terrible, laughably bad. Animations and graphics are such a step back from modern warfare

Garethvk46d ago

I do not see it as being that bad. This was on a 3070 RTX as well.

Father__Merrin45d ago

the graphics are way above modern warfare playing MW it looks good but itsnt a next gen upgrade like cold war is


Maybe the animations, but the graphics are not. Overall, a much more enjoyable experience though. MW map design and game flow was the worst in the series.

SyntheticForm45d ago

Looks archaic indeed.

People can say what they want about Modern Warfare, and I might even agree, but at least it tried to do something.

Cold War is halfhearted in every aspect - a softball throw's effort.

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Kabaneri46d ago

A "gaming journalist" that can't even play COD properly.

Garethvk46d ago

Really easy to bash isn't it? Considering I had not played the map prior and was learning it as I went, I wracked up plenty of frags and we won so there is that.

StoneyYoshi45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I think its just because you weren't very observant of your surroundings for a map you aren't used to. I look around a lot more when I don't know the map since you never know where the enemy will come from.

Also, was there a semtex challenge you were doing? You focused on that more than you tried learning the map.

And honestly you should expect people on the internet to bash your video. Don't take people on here seriously....nobody is perfect.

Kabaneri45d ago

Didn't realize it was your gameplay... no hard feelings lol

BenRC0145d ago

Why is the framerate so bad? Runs way better on my ps5. Looks like a good map though.

red2tango45d ago

Very common occurrence was dying while holding a grenade or throwing it at the wrong time. It needs to be quicker.

StoneyYoshi45d ago

Yeah they tried adding a slower more realistic throwing animation which I respect but I don't like lol.