5 Nintendo Switch games for those with anxiety

Nintendo Ninjas will walk you through some of the best Nintendo Switch games for those who think that they cannot play due to anxiety. These are 5 Switch games for the anxiety-ridden gamer.

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ZeroBlue246d ago

It's kinda embarrassing to talk about, but I have it as well. For me though, Jrpgs let me get lost in their world, almost therapeutic to play them.

Positivelypositive 46d ago

I think Stardew Valley and Rune Factory but fit the bill pretty well. I also found Skyrim to be a very relaxing and non anxiety game. I am playing Persona 4 Golden atm and its been helpful to my anxiety. I think turn based games are not so bad with anxiety. I will say that if you encounter random battles and you start to get anxiety waiting for the next one at any random moment then skip it lol. I have been there. Mario games and platformers tend not to give me anxiety but its more because I played them so much growing up that I don't think much playing them I go into the zone. I say this because the same games that I play above with no anxiety might give another person insane anxiety. You gotta know what triggers you.

Note its a real medical issue. I never had this growing up much but I had a bad accident at thirteen, things changed and my body broke and since then everything has been a living nightmare.