Best Surprise of 2020

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "In a year like 2020, who wouldn't want to stumble upon a nice distraction they didn't expect to enjoy? Whether it was a risky gamble, a rental, or a free-to-play game that didn't take up much hard drive space, one of the best sensations for any gamer is the Wow! moment when making said discoveries. This is amplified further by stories of 2020 & pre-2020 titles, such as Among Us, taking over social media like never before too. Whether it's awesome climbs to fame or humbler stories of studios regaining street cred, this year's selected titles epitomize the overnight success story."

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The Epic Games Store Weekly Freebie was a Run Away Hit

The Epic Games Store has another freebie ready for your library and it is a free runner.

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15 Amazing Open World Gangster Games You Need to Experience

GB: "With this feature, we take a look at 15 of the best open world games that have a gangster theme."

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Agent7563d ago

I sort if disagree with The Getaway. Playing it all those years ago, it had a dodgy control system, more so vehicles, was slow and was graphically unfinished. The sequel was even worse and the third game on PS3 was canned. I think Sony should take both games and merge them into one (as with the soon to be released Max Payne 1 and 2). Weird how Sony messed up The Getaway never to be seen again.


Sakuna of Rice and Ruin has sold 1.5 million copies worldwide

Cumulative worldwide shipments exceeded 1.5 million units.

Einhander197276d ago

Fantastic game that's also on PlayStation Plus.