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Ninja Gaiden’s Itagaki has a new studio and would be ‘honoured’ to work with Xbox

Ninja Gaiden director Tomonobu Itagaki has returned to game development with a newly-formed studio, he’s revealed.

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Community89d ago
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Nyxus89d ago

I was wondering just yesterday what happened to this guy. Dead or Alive 3 and Ninja Gaiden were among my main reasons to get an Xbox back in the day (together with Halo of course). I would be very interested to see what his new project is like.

NecrumOddBoy89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

He did Devil’s Third on Wii U. Never played it and I thought it was canceled. I guess it’s good according to google reviews. I wouldn’t mind a cool new action game. I’m personally all ninja’d out but I would play a new Gaiden title.

Nyxus89d ago

I actually have Devil's Third. It's in seal though, I don't really plan on playing it. :P

Sonic-and-Crash88d ago

Itagaki is one of the most talented Old gen Deveopers out there ..

.i wish he was on Playstation wagon from the start ..Ninja Gaiden 1and 2 were the Sekiros of that time- difficult , brutal and beautiful ..

i dont know if he has still the appetite or the interest to still deliver good games , as is known he had problems with alcooholism

tehpees388d ago

I played the game. One of the first bosses was this dark muscular guy holding a massive chain gun of some sort. The game was terrible. Despite what Itagaki said about the game being made to be easier the whole design style made it harder.

Hopefully Ivan the Terrible (that is the name of the main character) never makes it in Smash Bros.

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InUrFoxHole89d ago

Lol ninja Gaiden broke me lmao.

patriz42089d ago

Ninja Gaiden would be amazing, it was always a good fit with xbox.

Nintentional89d ago

Definitely showed off the power of the machine. The graphics were stunning for their time and gameplay was so tight and spot on 👌🏼

Tech589d ago (Edited 89d ago )

a game like Ninja Gaiden i could totally enjoy right about now.
i would really like see what their new studio makes.

Terry_B89d ago

Good for him, bad for Microsoft if he continues to create bad games. This is his second studio already after he got booted from Tecmo Koei around 9 years ago.

Chocoburger89d ago

Did he get fired, or did he quit? Itagaki had issues with the president of Koei Tecmo for many years, he stuck around with them until he had enough of their BS. I remember reading that he was screwed over by management many times over and left the company.

Tecmo lied to him and published an incomplete version of DOA 2 for PS2. This is why a re-release called DOA 2: Hardcore was later released, since that was the version he was trying to make in the first place. There's also the issue of unpaid bonuses that were promised he never received.

After he left Tecmo and signed up with THQ, it all went downhill for him once THQ shuttered, his company had no money, and then eventually Nintendo reluctantly published Devil's Third. Its well-known that the game had trouble development due to monetary issues outside of his control, but Nintendo (a company with endless cash) didn't make it any easier when they basically pushed an unpolished version out the door, with no marketing, and with a very late American release.

It was all just a mess. But Itagaki has plenty of potential, hopefully he'll get a fair chance to prove it with this next game.

zekk89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Pretty sure I read he was really hard to work with. There was an article years ago say when they interviewed him and his team they were saying he kept all the bonus money that was supposed to go to his team while say they were useless and was verbally really abusive. Not sure if it's true but honestly I could believe it

ApocalypseShadow89d ago

*Back then, I asked him, ‘are you confident that you will beat PS2?’ and he said, ‘Yes. Xbox is called Project Midway and I’ll gain the supremacy with it.’*

That surely didn't work out. PS2 murdered Xbox that deserved defeat with that "midway" undertone. Like It was a war against the Japanese or something. It's videogames. 360 eventually lost to PS3. Itagaki got kicked out from Tecmo and his games have been lowered in quality since his absence with one turning into a full on micro transaction, clothing and hair simulator. Xbox One got hammered by PS4. It's early, but looks like everyone in the world wants a PS5.

Now that we are all caught up, "Honored" in this instance sounds more like, "willing to accept a check after the panning of Devil's Third." Hopefully, he's lost his arrogant personality as well. He's not a rockstar. Even in those shades he keeps wearing.

solideagle89d ago

didn't he have sexual harassment allegation against him?

RedDevils88d ago

Looking at him I can understand why lmao

AngelicIceDiamond89d ago

Interesting he still wants to work with MS after the failure in Japan and overall less consoles sales with X1.

They have good relationship with the company sure, But C'mon, they want that MS money. More than ever now considering he just opened up his new studio.

specialguest89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

MS/Xbox is the best console for his studio to work with. He likes his uncensored violence, gore, and scantily clad voluptuous women in his games. Totally against Sony's ridiculous censorship. He didn't open up a new studio just to be bossed around and told what he can't have in his games

IRetrouk89d ago

So where was this censorship in the last of us 2? I've had brains hit door frames and slowly slide down it into a puddle on the floor, seen body parts(including eyeballs flying) blown to pieces by mines, ives seen peoples blood drip from the ceilings, blood melts the ice lol...the actual violence in that game is done way better than anything I've ever played in my life, they also have a sex scene in the game. But cover up some questionably aged looking anime girls and suddenly all that don't exist? 🤣

RedDevils88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

I think he talking about those horn dog games, gore Sony allowed plenty of that. But games with sexual intent like DOA or Gal Gun will be a problem.

IRetrouk88d ago

While I understand your point, the likes of dead or alive 6 and the volleyball game are still released, I dont think censoring the likes of younger looking characters is a problem at all and used as an excuse more than anything🤷‍♂️

specialguest88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

@IRetrouk & RedDevils
Both of you think I'm referring to the anime girls that looked questionably underage. Totally NOT what I'm referring to. I'm referring to Sony's new policy driven by the #MeToo movement and whatever other reasoning they have. In Devil May Cry 5, the PS4 US & EU versions added a purple lens flare and haze over Trish's naked body from the back covering up a small piece of butt crack. Meanwhile, the PC, Japanese PS4 version, and Xbox version did not censor this. WTF was that sh*t?? It's not even frontal nudity. Keep in mind Trish is not even an anime looking character. In fact, she actually looks late 20s early 30s if you examine her face. The scene happens when Dante saves Trish by catching her body and placing her on the ground. Trish is naked, because she was incapsulated in the demon's body. (non-censored version)

Meanwhile, the sex scene in the Last of US 2 is allowed, because it's considered "tasteful". I have no problem with the sex scene, but the double standards is ridiculous as hell.

You think I'm making this up? Here's a link from a legit website. https://www.businessinsider...

Quote from article: "Sony officials tell the Wall Street Journal that the gaming giant updated its policy for approving new PlayStation games worldwide, in response to the cultural shifts brought about by the #MeToo movement and the increased visibility of video game livestreaming.

Per the report, Sony wants to avoid promoting games that disparage and objectify women, or that contain sexual content. The company is particularly concerned about being associated with Japanese titles that feature sexualized images of underage girls."

I get the part about the underage girls. No issues there. The issue is their political stance on what they consider sexualizing and objectifying women. Ask yourself this...was the Devil May Cry 5 scene objectifying women? Sony is the new 90's Nintendo regarding censorship, except there's a twist to it. 90's Nintendo did it to be "family friendly" back when video games were primarily played by kids and teens, where as Sony has a more SJW stance. This is why Playstation is the worst company to work with for Itagaki.

IRetrouk88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Wanting to appeal to women and objectifing them less isn't a bad thing in my eyes, so they covered an arse crack, so what, did that make you enjoy the game any less? I'm not sure why it was done, but they did undo it in the American release🤷‍♂️

Its a case by case thing isn't it? Again the likes of dead or alive 6 and the volleyball game are on the console, plenty of arse in those if that's what you want to see🤷‍♂️

I dont see it being an issue for itagaki at all.

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Dragonscale88d ago

Phil must've been dangling those greenbacks, ooh so tempting.