Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part II - Sequel Wishlist

Jaydyn Spisak: Final Fantasy 7 Remake was fantastic. However, the sequel will need the following changes and additions to make it even better.

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NecrumOddBoy48d ago

The actual world is so large that I am curious what part 2 will consist of. They turned less than 5-10 hours of Midgar into a 40-50 hour extravaganza. The game opens up a bit but still is linear for quite a while longer. I wonder how many games will this become.

LeeFender48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

As far as we know i believe it will be 3 parts. But going forward maybe development plans has changed... I would notnbe surprised if we eventually get a fully decked out release with the entire game on 1 disc running on a ps5 without having to switch games or menus where the game flows naturally to the next part.

bouzebbal47d ago

It'll be open world, it starts at the world map right after Midgar.
I would say it will include Junon and Nibelheim because everything started at Nibelheim and there is a lot to tell in there.. Kalm also is where Tifa Cloud were born.
Canyon Cosmos would also be great if they include it

BandarHub47d ago

They clearly are not to gonna follow the same story...based on the ending of the first game.
But if I'm wrong, then they have a long way to go to finish this series whilst at the same time keep up with the quality of the first.

47d ago
Nerdmaster47d ago

Well, as long as they don't put any more Kingdom Hearts-like scenes and speeches like the ending of the first part...

Bruh46d ago

Where is the PS5/ Series X support for Part 1 ?